Notch Gear Cap Review Average Hunter

Notch Gear Cap Review

Finally wear a cap with sunglasses! The Notch Gear Cap Review If you’re like me and actually form your cap, then you’ve experienced issues with wearing most sunglasses. The sides of the bill always hit the glasses and you can never pull your cap all the way down. So then you have to either not wear sunglasses or you have to…

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Hunters Social Media Hate Mail Average Hunter Anti-Hunters

How to act and react with anti-hunters on social media

There’s nothing like having a great day in the field or woods and want to share your success with all your friends on your social media page but to only get slammed by some anti-hunters that don’t agree with what you’re doing.  I am sure it makes you mad at some of the things they are saying and you just…

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Average Hunter Markhor Katmai Evolution II backpack Review Hunter to Hunter

Markhor Hunting Backpacks, Katmai Evolution II Review

Being prepared is essential for everything we do in life and having a way to carry the items we need is just as important. The Markhor Hunting Backpacks are great comfortable packs with plenty of storage and even a few little extra hidden options that help protect the gear we need for our adventures. The Markhor Katmai Evolution II Backpack in…

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How To Prepare Your compound bow for storage

Prepare Your Compound Bow For Storage and Maintenance

The bow season is over and what should you do with your bow? Preparation for compound bow maintenance and storage is key to a successful hunt and also keeping your bow shooting straight for years to come.  How you store it and where you store it is also key.  You can ruin a bow easily just from where you keep…

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NOMAD Syncrate Review

NOMAD Syncrate Hoodie Review

WIND!! The one thing that bugs me the most when I am hunting or just trying to enjoy the outside.  The wind can turn any nice day into a cold and miserable day and I just wanted something that would block that wind. There are way too many windbreakers out there that claim to block out all the wind and…

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WoolX Merino Wool

WoolX Merino Wool 1/4 Zip Top Review

WoolX is offering supreme comfort in extreme conditions with Merino Wool.  With a vast selection of garments for men and women, WoolX Merino Wool will keep you warm and dry for all situations. I have used WoolX in the past as seen on another review here, so I didn’t hesitate to try it again.  This time in a 1/4 zip top. The WoolX…

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The Unsportsmanlike Hunter

How many times are we watching a football game and see a penalty for “unsportsmanlike conduct” or what they are calling a lot these day as “taunting”? We all get furious when we see someone from the opposing team dancing or acting like are the best ever after making a great play.  Dare I say that their actions offend us?…

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XShot Sport GoPro Pole

XShot Sport GoPro Pole Review

With today’s need to video or photo everything, sometimes the ability to see it all is based on how long your arms are.  I am reviewing the XShot Sport GoPro Pole to help me reach out further for those times when the fish is just too big.Upon first inspection, you can immediately tell why the GoPro Pole is one of…

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Boot Suits boot covers

Review of the Boot Suits from Rimlo Products

As a lifelong sufferer of CHCF, which is otherwise nonscientifically known as Cold Hands Cold Feet, I have been down every avenue for trying out all the tricks to help to stay warm.  With hunting in Illinois, we get subjected to conditions that require a little extra work than just a good pair of socks and I have tried them…

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hunter's worst enemy

A Hunter’s Worst Enemy

Who are the hunter’s worst enemy?  In most cases it’s other hunters. It’s that time of year again when the success of some brings out the hate of many.  It’s deer season all around and it’s when the worst in hunters really shows its face.  It never fails when a lucky hunter shows their success, there will be several that…

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