build a ozone tote for hunting clothes

Build Your Own Scent Eliminating Ozone Container – Cheap

Have you seen those containers or bags that with help of an scent eliminating ozone generating air purifier, it will essentially clean your hunting cloths of all the odor causing bacteria? Have you thought how great it would be to have one of those ozone containers and how much time it would save you? Then I assume you have seen…

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how to clean a gun best gun cleaning kit

How to Clean a Gun With a Gun Cleaning Kit

As hunters and outdoorsmen, we rely on all of our gear working flawlessly and nothing is more important as our guns and bows. You know how important it is to keep your gun clean, but here are a few tips on how to clean a gun for the ones that need a little help. Properly checking and frequently cleaning your…

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Stay Hidden While Staying Visible with See3D Camo

Every year we hear more and more stories about hunters being shot by hunters. In most cases it’s out of pure carelessness and very poor decision making. But also in a lot of these cases, these accidents could have been avoided if the hunters were able to see more clearly where the other hunters were.  The innovators at See3D Camo

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phoneskope on binoculars

Viewing the distance with Phone Skope

Sitting on a hillside scouting a mountain far away or trying to take a zoomed in picture is now easily done with your phone with Phone Skope. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried holding your camera or phone camera up to your scope or binoculars to try and get a zoomed in picture only to get a small piece…

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best deer hunting bullets

Top 7 Deer Hunting Bullet Types – Get the Extraordinary Bullets

Do you know that what are the best deer hunting bullet types that can give you the perfect results? Probably, you are finding the ones that could let you get the 100% outcomes of deer hunting? So, here you are going to get the outstanding information about the deer hunting bullets. A huge number of companies yielding the hunting bullets…

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Proper size of bow

7 Powerful Archery Tips For Better Accuracy (And A Successful Hunt)

If you want to excel in the archery world, then you MUST work on your accuracy. Fact. These 7 archery tips will get you on your way to a successful shot. It doesn’t matter what you use archery for (whether it bowhunting, self-defense, or competitions); if you can’t draw that bowstring and release a successful shot, you have to do something. So,…

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