Wild Turkey Calls And What They Mean

Wild Turkeys are able to make several varieties of sounds. The following are primary wild turkey calls. Each of these sounds carry unique message. The big and spectacular birds are increasingly common sight and flocks stride around woods as well as clearings just like miniature dinosaurs. The following are their calls and what they mean.

wild turkey callsCluck

This sound comprises of a single or more short and staccato notes. Many times, the plain cluck includes 2-3, single note clucks. Generally, it’s used by a bird to draw attention of the other. This is some good call to assure an approaching gobbler that there’s some hen waiting for him


This is single note, basically associated as alarm. It could be different notes, rapid or sharp fashion, and normally meaning they have heard or seen something which is, danger.

Tree call

Another of the turkey calls is called a tree call. This is generally a series of soft as well as muffled yelps given by roosted bird. Often, it picks in volume as the fly down time approaches, sometimes accompanied by a soft clucking. It’s generally taken as call to communicate with the others in a flock.

Plain Yelp of Hen

Wild Turkey will also make this basic turkey sound. It’s normally delivered in series of some single note vocalizations, and might have several meanings, depending on how the bird uses it.

Cutting of Excited Hen

The cutting is a sequence of loud, fast and erratic single notes. It is a modified cluck, and is a unique call with somewhat questioning nature. It may be heard from far and is sometimes used by one wild turkey that’s searching for companionship.

Adult Hen Assembly Call

This is another of the turkey calls which is a sequence of loud yelps made to assemble young poults or her flock.

Fly Down Cackle

This type of turkey sounds are generally linked with movement. It may be heard when the wild turkey is flying down or up from a roost, across a creek or off a ridge. The sound normally comprises of three to ten irregularly spaced notes. This is a movement call which is sparingly used.

Kee Kee Run

The Kee Kee run is the young turkeys’ lost call and variations made by adult turkeys. Often it’s linked with fall hunting, though it may also be successfully used during spring. This is how it sounds like, though a variation of this call, called kee kee run is just a “Kee Kee” with a yelp.


This is a soft and rolling call the turkeys make when they are contented. It may be normally heard by feeding birds. It’s not loud call.

Cluck and Purr

This kind of turkey sound is single note, or notes, normally linked with flock talk, and that feeling of contentment. Often, it’s amplified. It’s a cluck and followed by a rolling which is almost a staccato.


This is among the major sounds of male wild turkey and is used basically in the spring to let the hens be aware he’s in the area.

Download and learn Wild Turkey Sounds to use for your hunting or wildlife watching. Can be easily added to your sound device or electronic call or just use them as a ringtone.

For details on downloading the sound files, go to main Downloads page and follow information at bottom of page.

Turkey Fly Down Cackle 2turkey Download: Turkey Fly Down Cackle 2
 turkey Download: turkeys
Turkey (Cartoon)turkey Download: turkey
Turkey Cluck (1)turkey Download: Turkey Cluck (1)
12-Gobblingturkey Download: turkey gobbling
Turkey Cutt 1turkey Download: Turkey Cutt 1
Turkey Cuttturkey Download: Turkey Cutt
Turkey Gobble 2turkey Download: Turkey Gobble 2
 turkey Download: turkey2
Turkey Hensturkey Download: Turkey Hens
Turkey Purr (1)turkey Download: Turkey Purr (1)
 turkey Download: Turkey Panic
Turkey Lost Yelp 1turkey Download: Turkey Lost Yelp 1
Turkey Kee Kee Run 1turkey Download: Turkey Kee Kee Run 1
Turkey Gobbleturkey Download: Turkey Gobble
07-Fly Down Cackleturkey Download: turkey fly down cackle
08-Kee Kee Runturkey Download: turkey kee kee run
Turkey Kee Keeturkey Download: Turkey Kee Kee
Turkay Cluck 1turkey Download: Turkey Cluck 1
 turkey Download: Sound Effect - Turkey Gobble 02
Turkey Cackle 1turkey Download: Turkey Cackle 1
 turkey Download: turkey
Turkey Cutting (1)turkey Download: Turkey Cutting (1)
Turkey Fighting Purr 1turkey Download: Turkey Fighting Purr 1
Turkey Hen Yelpsturkey Download: Turkey Hen Yelp
 turkey Download: Sound Effect - Turkey Gobble 01
10-Cluck And Purrturkey Download: turkey cluck and purr
Turkey Gobble (1)turkey Download: Turkey Gobble (1)
Turkey Yelp 4turkey Download: Turkey Yelp 4
 turkey Download: Turkey Toms
Turkey Yelp 1turkey Download: Turkey Yelp 1
 turkey Download: Turkey01
06-Adult Hen Assembly Callturkey Download: turkey assemble call
Turkey Cluck 2turkey Download: Turkey Cluck 2
 turkey Download: turkeyAlarm
05-Cutting of Excited Henturkey Download: turkey cutting
Turkey Cackleturkey Download: Turkey Cackle
Turkey Whineturkey Download: Turkey Whine
 turkey Download: gobble wav
Turkey Kee Kee (1)turkey Download: Turkey Kee Kee (1)
 turkey Download: Turkey02
01-Cluckturkey Download: turkey cluck
Turkey Purr (2) turkey Download: Turkey Purr (2)
 turkey Download: turkey yelp
 turkey Download: turkey alarm
Turkey Hen Yelp (1)turkey Download: Turkey Hen Yelp (1)
Turkey Tree Yelpturkey Download: Turkey Tree Yelp
02-Puttturkey Download: turkey putt
03-Tree Callturkey Download: turkey tree call
Turkey Purrturkey Download: Turkey Purr
11-Owl Hootingturkey Download: turkey owl hooting
Turkey in Wildturkey Download: Turkey in Wild

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