Misc Critters

For all the other critters out there that don’t fit in any other category, they get placed here.

For details on downloading the sound files, go to main Downloads page and follow information at bottom of page.

 misc varmintsDownload: chinchilla-baby
 misc varmintsDownload: Rodent Distress
D 58 TR 10, 13misc varmintsDownload: beaver1
 misc varmintsDownload: kissmecoaxer1
 misc varmintsDownload: stripedskunk2
 misc varmintsDownload: groundhogwhistle
 misc varmintsDownload: grounhogsnuffling
D 58, TR 6misc varmintsDownload: beaver2
 misc varmintsDownload: groundhogfighting
 misc varmintsDownload: chinchilla-playful
 misc varmintsDownload: chinchilla-madbaby
 misc varmintsDownload: groundhogfighting2
 misc varmintsDownload: skunkverymad
 misc varmintsDownload: rodent
Animal Sounds 02-Cowother animalsDownload: animal sounds 02-cow
Animal Sounds 07-Jungle Birdsother animalsDownload: animal sounds 07-jungle birds
Beaverother animalsDownload: Beaver
 other animalsDownload: 27alligator2bellow
 other animalsDownload: 22rattlesnake
Alligator Bellow (2)other animalsDownload: Alligator Bellow (2)
 other animalsDownload: 20peepers
Skunk Distressother animalsDownload: Skunk Distress
 other animalsDownload: DKMMNature-WesternDiamondbackRattlesnake
Animal Sounds 14-Chimpanzeeother animalsDownload: animal sounds 14-chimpanzee
 other animalsDownload: cow
 other animalsDownload: 08whales
 other animalsDownload: 21singers
Beaver Startledother animalsDownload: Beaver Startled
 other animalsDownload: 19frogsandsuch
Monkey 2other animalsDownload: Monkey 2
 other animalsDownload: 25alligatorhiss
Animal Sounds 16-Sea Lionother animalsDownload: animal sounds 16-sea lion
 other animalsDownload: JurassicPark-Tyrannosaurus rex-Roaring
 other animalsDownload: Rattlesnake Alert
 other animalsDownload: 26alligator1bellow
 other animalsDownload: 18bats
Alligator Hiss with Backgroundother animalsDownload: Alligator Hiss with Background
Monkeyother animalsDownload: Monkey
 other animalsDownload: tasmanian
Alligator Bellow (1)other animalsDownload: Alligator Bellow (1)
 other animalsDownload: bullcalf
Animal Sounds 13-Hyenaother animalsDownload: animal sounds 13-hyena
Beaver Eatingother animalsDownload: Beaver Eating
 other animalsDownload: Pond Sounds & Frogs
 other animalsDownload: 09littleblueheronfishes
 other animalsDownload: DKMMNature-Welim1x-Hyena


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