Hawk Sounds and Their Meanings With Real Sounds

Download and learn Hawk Sounds and Eagle Sounds to use for your wildlife watching. Can be easily added to your sound device or electronic call or just use them as a ringtone.

Red Tailed HawkBirds like any other living creature have their own way of communication. They produce different sounds communicating different messages to other birds. The good thing about their sounds is that it can communicate to people. For example Hawk Sounds, Eagle Sounds alert on approaching enemy or it can be an indication of prey. They produce laud sounds which are heard over long distances. For bird keepers it is necessary to learn their sounds to communicate to them. That is why as human we can decide to download birds’ sound and use it to communicate to them.

Hawk Sounds

There are different families of hawks but they have similarities in their mode of communication. These birds produce wheeling and whistling sounds to indicate presence of tall woods in the forest. They can also whistle as an indication of watery areas nearby. The birds hunt their prey from high distances in the sky and they use the sound to identify and tell the distance of their food. An example of a sound is the ”kee-ahh” with a sharp ending. Another is a long whistle which has the intention of claiming and alerting other birds of their territory. Females are the most common with the soft “kee” sound especially when on the nest. It therefore becomes necessary for those who share their environment with the hawks to study and have a record of these sounds.

Eagle Sounds

Eagles are friendly birds kept as pets by many people. Some species of this bird have been used in symbols like the Bald Eagle whose image has been used in the national emblem of the US for a long time. The same bird spices have been used as spiritual image by some communities. Eagles are popularly known for their weak long sound call which is a series of high and soft pitched sound. The sound is mostly associated with the Eagle when it is ready for copulation. The sound has many versions which can be listed as;

  • A chatter call
  • Juvenile peal
  • Peal call
  • Juvenile begging call
  • And the low “kuk-kuk” calls.

They all give similar response and it completes their communitarian, however other Eagle species like the Golden Eagle are silent most of the time. They produce their sounds during breeding and when nestling. The adult will produce a “wip” or a “wonk” sound when announcing about food deliveries. These sounds are high pitched enough to be heard several miles away.

Now that it is clear what Hawk Sounds, Eagle Sounds mean to us it will be necessary to have them downloaded and saved with better a purpose.

For details on downloading the sound files, go to main Downloads page and follow information at bottom of page.

 hawks-eaglesDownload: sprwhawk1
Goshawk (1)hawks-eaglesDownload: Goshawk (1)
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald call
 hawks-eaglesDownload: sparrowhawk
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald sound 3
 hawks-eaglesDownload: harrier march hawk
Goshawk Wailing Call (1)hawks-eaglesDownload: Goshawk Wailing Call (1)
 hawks-eaglesDownload: chicksi
 hawks-eaglesDownload: gray hawk
Goshawk Wailing Call (2)hawks-eaglesDownload: Goshawk Wailing Call (2)
 hawks-eaglesDownload: common black hawk
 hawks-eaglesDownload: Hawk
 hawks-eaglesDownload: redtail hawk
Eaglehawks-eaglesDownload: Eagle
 hawks-eaglesDownload: coopers hawk
 hawks-eaglesDownload: black-chested
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald sound 6
 hawks-eaglesDownload: a pair of swainson's hawks
 hawks-eaglesDownload: sharp-shinned
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald sound 2
 hawks-eaglesDownload: red-tailed
 hawks-eaglesDownload: ferruginous
 hawks-eaglesDownload: audio of hawk
 hawks-eaglesDownload: osprey1
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald sound
 hawks-eaglesDownload: swainsons
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald sound 4
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald call2
 hawks-eaglesDownload: Red-shoulderedHawk
Goshawk (2)hawks-eaglesDownload: Goshawk (2)
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald chirping
 hawks-eaglesDownload: eagle01
 hawks-eaglesDownload: swainsons hawk
 hawks-eaglesDownload: coopers hawk clip
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald vocalizing
 hawks-eaglesDownload: bald sound 5

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