Coyote Sounds: The Major Types And Their Uses

coyote soundsSince animals are unable to talk, they normally communicate using a number of sounds. Coyotes are no different as they communicate using coyote sounds. Knowing the sounds and what they mean can help an individual understand them better.


It can be described as low intensity, short-range alarm and / or threat. A woof is a sound that parents usually make when they want to send their pups into the cover or the den.


The growl is a high intensity, short-range threat. It is mainly used to warn another coyote or coyotes of impending danger.


It is basically a high intensity, short-range puff. Though it is not really one of the major coyote sounds, it is classified as such. The huff is mainly produced by the rapid and forceful expulsion of air through the nose and mouth simultaneously. The resultant effect is blowing spit and snot in the face of the object that is currently giving them discontent. A rapid series is used to produce it that results with a chuffing sound. Coyotes use it to ward off any unwanted advances from fellow coyotes or any other animal.


One of the common coyote sounds is bark. It can be described as a high to low intensity, long-range warning and / or threat. It is one of the leading controversial vocalizations among coyotes. The bark is used for various reasons. One of the most common is to increase their sense of security especially when they are confronted by smell, sight or sound that intimidates them. The bark will be used to ward off the unwanted item whether it has been identified or not. It is usually used before an attack or retreat depending on the size and scope of the threat.


Can be described as a high-intensity startle or submission response. Yelp is normally used when the coyote is surprised unpleasantly. In some cases, it is followed by bark or attack depending on the cause of the yelp. Puppy yelps are discerned to be more of a distress call than a startled response. Such coyote sounds are usually higher in intensity and longer in range than their adult counterparts.


Last, but not least is the whine. It is mainly a high intensity, short-range submission. The whine is used to communicate various emotions. It can be used to communicate pain, hunger or distress. These are the major coyote sounds that have been researched and studied to date.

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For details on downloading the sound files, go to the main Downloads page and follow information at bottom of the page.

 coyoteDownload: elkchatterhowl
 coyoteDownload: coyote pack
 coyoteDownload: hurtpup1
 coyoteDownload: coyote yips1
 coyoteDownload: coyote-lone
 coyoteDownload: Coyote & Cottontail Distress
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Locator (1)
 coyoteDownload: coyote1 howl
 coyoteDownload: pup
 coyoteDownload: elkpowerhowl
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Talk
 coyoteDownload: barking
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Locator (3)
 coyoteDownload: coyote
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Locator (4)
 coyoteDownload: coyote1
 coyoteDownload: coyote111
 coyoteDownload: Sound Effect - Coyote
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Pups Howling
 coyoteDownload: wileyonehp
(1) Coyote Challenge BarkcoyoteDownload: (1) Coyote Challenge Bark
 coyoteDownload: shorthowlerhowl
 coyoteDownload: Buffalohowler
 coyoteDownload: lhhowler
(1) Coyote Challenge BarkcoyoteDownload: CoyoteChallengeBark
 coyoteDownload: hurtpc1
 coyoteDownload: farcry
 coyoteDownload: puppy3
 coyoteDownload: Sound Effect - Pupping Crying
Canine Pup DistresscoyoteDownload: Canine Pup Distress
 coyoteDownload: YoteSmokerfawn
 coyoteDownload: Coyote5
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Howling
Female Coyote HowlingcoyoteDownload: Female Coyotye Howling
 coyoteDownload: challenge
 coyoteDownload: coyote yips
 coyoteDownload: Coyote & Turkey Distress
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Locator (2)
 coyoteDownload: Lone Coyote Howl (1)
 coyoteDownload: cowtiphowl
 coyoteDownload: puppy
 coyoteDownload: coyotes-killing-calves
 coyoteDownload: protohowler2
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Pack Howling
 coyoteDownload: Coyo1
 coyoteDownload: lhhchallenge
 coyoteDownload: chowl1
 coyoteDownload: hurtpup2
 coyoteDownload: group2
 coyoteDownload: Sound Effect - Puppy Yip
 coyoteDownload: barksh
 coyoteDownload: dthowl2
 coyoteDownload: coyote2
 coyoteDownload: Coyote4
 coyoteDownload: coyote-turkey
 coyoteDownload: coyote group
 coyoteDownload: wileyoneh
 coyoteDownload: chowl2
Canine DistresscoyoteDownload: Canine Distress
Coyote Pack HowlscoyoteDownload: Coyote Pack Howls
 coyoteDownload: Coyote Pup
 coyoteDownload: coyote2
 coyoteDownload: cowtippup
 coyoteDownload: coyote3M
Lone Coyote ChallengecoyoteDownload: Lone Coyote Challenge
 coyoteDownload: protohowler3
 coyoteDownload: coyote2 chasing
 coyoteDownload: hurtpup
 coyoteDownload: Coyote
 coyoteDownload: Coyote & Fawn Distress
 coyoteDownload: dthowl
Coyote HowlscoyoteDownload: Coyote Howls
Mity Call Mega HowlercoyoteDownload: Challenge Howl
Coyote PursuitcoyoteDownload: Coyote Pursuit
 coyoteDownload: Recording1
 coyoteDownload: hurtdog
 coyoteDownload: challang
 coyoteDownload: Lone Coyote Howl (2)
 coyoteDownload: coyote bark
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