Grizzly Bear Sounds And Why They Use Them & Downloads

Grizzly Bear Sounds for your electronic mp3 caller.  Use for learning bear sounds, hunting for bear or scaring off the neighbor kids.

grizzly bear soundsThe grizzly bear refers to all subspecies of the brown bear living in North-America. These large animals are apex predators in their habitats thanks to their massive size and strength. Male grizzly bear are larger than females. On average males weight anywhere between 200 and 400 kg, but exceptionally large males can reach almost 700 kg and stand up to 3 meters tall on their back feet. Grizzlies have big and powerful claws, and the strength of their bite is such that it could crush a bowling ball. Although they belong to the Carnivora order, the diet of these animals is largely omnivorous. They are voracious eaters, and their well-varied menu includes fruits, insects, honey, nuts, fresh grass, roots, larvae, all sorts of fish and mammals, birds, etc,. They are even known to prey on the American black bear which is the continent’s smallest species of bear.

of their offspring and may engage in aggressive behavior if danger is perceived. But grizzly bear always forewarn others about their intentions. They do this through a combination of body language, odor and sound.

Grizzly bear employ a variety of sounds to communicate. The meaning of bear sounds is very context specific. For instance, a female can communicate with her cubs through grunts, growls, moans or huffs, but these sounds can mean something very different in other situations. Grizzly bear sounds can be non-voiced like snorts, huffs, grunts or teeth clacking or they can be actual vocalizations. Non-voice sounds are employed far more often than vocalizations.

Non-voiced sounds are varied, but have overlapping meanings and purposes:

Grunt – A grunt is may be used as a signal of friendliness or command order from a female to her cubs.
Teeth clacking – When a grizzly bear feels threatened by an unwelcome presence (usually another grizzly bear or a human) it will clack its teeth to signal “you’re scaring me, wander off!”
Huffing – A grizzly may huff when agitated, fearful or aggressive. Huffing is also used as an expression of relief after a bear manages to escape from a scary situation – “Whew, that was scary.”
Popping jaws – This is also done when a grizzly engages in fearful, aggressive of agitated behavior. A female may also alert its cubs through a popping sound.
Snorting – Used by agitated, fearful or aggressive grizzlies.
Blowing air through nostrils – Same as above.

Vocalizations of grizzly bear usually convey emotion and sensation:

Screams – Used by cubs in distress.
Hums – Cubs also hum when content with the nursing of their mother.
Bawling – This is done by an adult in pain.
Moaning – Adult in fear.
Bellowing – Grizzlies rarely engage in bellowing. It is an obvious sign of aggression, and it’s usually done by males competing for females in the mating season. A female may also roar to defend her cubs from perceived threats.

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Animal Sounds 08-BearbearsDownload: animal sounds 08-bear
Black Bear Chomping & SnortingbearsDownload: Black Bear Chomping & Snorting
 bearsDownload: 03babycubsgrunt
Bear Grunts (2)bearsDownload: Bear Grunts (2)
Black Bear Cub DistressbearsDownload: Black Bear Cub Distress
 bearsDownload: black bear sound
Bear GruntsbearsDownload: Bear Grunts
Brown BearbearsDownload: Brown Bear
Bear GrowlsbearsDownload: Bear Growls
 bearsDownload: grizzlybear
 bearsDownload: bearcubdistress
 bearsDownload: Bear1
Bear RoaringbearsDownload: Bear Roaring
 bearsDownload: 54beargrunts
Bear Cub Grunts (2)bearsDownload: Bear Cub Grunts (2)
Black BearbearsDownload: Black Bear
BearbearsDownload: Bear
Grizzly Bear Growl 3bearsDownload: Grizzly Bear Growl 3
Grizzly Bear GrowlbearsDownload: Grizzly Bear Growl
 bearsDownload: BearGrowl
 bearsDownload: polar
 bearsDownload: beargrowl
 bearsDownload: mad polar bear
Bear Cub GruntsbearsDownload: Bear Cub Grunts
 bearsDownload: blackbear
 bearsDownload: polar bear sound
 bearsDownload: 55bearhuntandgrowl
Grizzly Bear Growl 2bearsDownload: Grizzly Bear Growl 2
Black Bear Sow & CubbearsDownload: Black Bear Sow & Cub
Black Bear 2bearsDownload: Black Bear 2
 bearsDownload: grizzly bear sound
 bearsDownload: bear roar
 bearsDownload: bearsound
BearbearsDownload: Bear
 bearsDownload: BearCubDistress

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