Who Are Average Hunters?

    The term Average Hunter seems to get used a lot.  As it should, it really doesn’t have a true definition.  So what or who are Average Hunters?  Pretty much we all are, to a point.

An Average Hunter could be that young kid down the street or his great grandfather.  We all have factors that put us in that category.  It would be impossible to figure out what actually defines the Average Hunter.

    So how about let’s define what makes some NOT an Average Hunter.  We can watch TV and point fingers all day long at people on these “hunting” shows and say they are not Average Hunters.  But many of those hunters are.  They just happen to film themselves.  So let’s go over a couple key factors that would automatically throw someone out of the Average Hunter spotlight.
    First for me would be the spotlight.  I guess I need to narrow that down some.  I am referring to the ones that are hunting for the pure fame or to sell something.  Some deserve the fame, but that is because they truly earned it.
    Where you hunt is a big one also.  I am not referring to Texas versus Ohio here.  I am talking fences and Outfitters and the people that hunt those places.  To me, an Average Hunter has to work for their land or fight for it.  It can be a 10 acre lot you own, a plot you lease or some public ground you have to race to before anyone else can get to it.  I don’t think a hunter that spends all season driving from one lodge to another quite fits as an Average Hunter.

That’s just a couple items to me instantly take someone out of the category of an Average Hunter.  Why does it matter some will ask, it doesn’t.  But it makes it easier for hunter to relate.  I can’t relate to a hunter that has every trophy handed to them or a hunter that lies just to be famous.  An Average Hunter is just like a trophy buck, it’s in the eye of the beholder. Everyone knows who they are or who they want to be. Just get outside and be proud to be who you are.