What Is a 3rd Main Beam Buck?

3rd main beam buck trailcam

3rd main beam buck trailcam

Have you heard people talk about deer with a “3rd Main Beam”?

With most deer hunters out there, you hear most of them talking about deer with a 3rd main beam .  Some will even try and convince you that it’s an actual 3rd antler on that deer.  So what is it actually.

3rd Main Beam Whitetail Buck

Braden Prewett 3rd Main Beam Whitetail Buck

The “3rd Main Beam” is actually none of the above.  Technically it’s just another abnormal point and if you have your deer measured by a certified measurer from Boone & Crockett, that’s all it will be measured as.  But in the world of deer hunters, it’s just become a rare cool abnormality just like the drop tine and such that is just fun to talk about and a trophy for many.

So just so you know, the extra main beam or 3rd main beam isn’t really a main beam at all.  It’s just a point.

Don’t even get me started on the Unicorn bucks……..