Upgrading the Ozone Tote, Average Hunter Style

upgrading ozone generator

Hunting seasons are here or will be very soon for all of us which means we doing whatever it takes to try not to stink up the woods with smells from everywhere we’ve been that day. As we started talking about in a previous article “Build Your Own Scent Eliminating Ozone Container – Cheap“, we showed you how to build your own scent killing ozone tote with items you can pick up from Amazon or most stores in your town. After writing that article and looking at my own box, I started thinking that I think I can make it work better.

After examining my ozone generator, I noticed that the air the generator was pulling in was from outside and it was pumping the “ozonified” air into my box. I had a thought that wouldn’t it work better, faster and more efficient if the air the generator was pulling was from inside the box.  Common sense tells me that cycling the air inside the box would create better flow and therefore do a far better job killing all the stink causing bacteria that could cause that next deer to bust me. So I started digging to see how to solve this “problem” with these ozone generator.

ozone generator hunting clothes First thing is first.  After finding the stock vent at the bottom of the housing, it was pretty simple to figure out that all I needed to do is find where I would be able to add a new spot to bring the air in.  Luckily, this model didn’t have any special ports for the air entry, so I just needed to add a new hole in the housing as long as I didn’t get in the way of any other lines or wires. It was pretty simple with this one.
ozone generator Average Hunter the hole After finding my new location, I gently drilled a hole for my fitting.  Careful while drilling this as it’s just cheap plastic and could possibly crack or break apart if you press too hard. Once the hole is drill and you get the fitting installed, just close it back up and figure out how you want to cover up your existing intake vent. What works better than duct tape?
ozone generator Average Hunter the vent ozone generator Average Hunter covering the vent
upgrading ozone generator I used an electrical conduit fitting to go through the outside of my box which allowed me to secure the copper fitting but also allow me to easily remove the copper fitting in case I wanted to take the generator off.  I mounted this new line in the top of the box as it would continue to create a better air flow inside the box.
ozone generator Average Hunter circulation With the old air being drawn out of the box from the top on one end and the new air being pushed into the bottom of the opposite end, this should evenly cycle all the air inside the box and “clean” all my gear.

I’m not a scientist so I won’t say this will work any better than how these generators are normally used. But I do know that these ozone generators weren’t designed for the way we are using them and the engineer in me (my day job) thinks that if one of these generators was actually designed for cleaning the smell off clothes inside a bag or a box, then it would be designed to cycle the air like what I am doing here.  So take this as you may, but it’s what I am doing.

If you have a ozone generator different from the one I am showing here, then inspect it before jumping into the project and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you want to jump into this project, the generator I am using is just like the one below.




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