Turkey hunt with Cro-Mag Outdoors – The Deception Chamber

Turkey hunt with Cro-Mag Outdoors - The Deception Chamber Average Hunter Matt Staser

Turkey hunting is all about being able to adapt to the turkeys by their sounds and their location. That’s why it’s good to hunt turkeys with a minimalistic approach to the gear you have to carry around with you. If you’re lucky enough to have a large enough population where you can go sit in a blind for the day, then this isn’t that big of a deal. But a lot of us aren’t that lucky. We need to go find the birds and haven’t too much gear can be a burden.

The guys at Cro-Mag Outdoors have come up with a turkey pot call that put three types into one design saving that extra room in your pack. The Deception Chamber design is made to easily and quickly change from slate to aluminum to glass surface for whatever your needs are. It’s easily done with just unscrewing the two-piece pot and dropping in whatever disk you want. Just takes seconds to do and you’re ready to find the right sound that your turkeys will respond to or change it up to make it sound like there are multiple ladies out there.

On my hunt this year, I took The Deception Chamber as my primary call instead of some of the best turkey mouth calls. I wanted to test it out in the field on the birds first hand. I like this design for the fact that I can do what I like to do and switch up calling and sounds during a sit. I like to give the appearance that there are multiple hens in the area which in hopes sparks more interest from the boys in the area. It’s a technique I’ve always used but I get tired of carrying a bag full calls.

After starting out with slate, I’d switch to the aluminum and back. If you’re a fan of glass, it’s right there also.  But I’ve never been a huge fan of glass so I didn’t mess with it much. It did need a good scrub with sandpaper which I didn’t have with me so I just stuck with slate and aluminum. It proved to work out great for me.

Turkey hunt with Cro-Mag Outdoors - The Deception Chamber Average Hunter Matt Staser

My setup that morning was simple. I knew where the birds usually roosted and the area they have been known to stay in. So I set up on the ground in some CRP with two hen decoys and a jake decoy about 20 yards in front of me. I didn’t even think about the morning sun, but it was a gorgeous cooler morning and there was nothing better than watching that sunrise as the toms were gobbling in the distance.

With a slight amount of calling and switching from different plates, it wasn’t long after the sun came up that I had a strutting bird heading across that cornfield in front of me. He was making his way slowly towards me going back and forth across that field. With my heart racing, I let out some soft purrs and clucks as he eventually turns my way for the last time.

Before I knew it, this guy was in the middle of my decoys 20 yards away and I was pulling the trigger on my Benelli with 3 1/2″ Federal loads I got from Widener’s Reloading and Shooting Supply.  That lovestruck turkey rolled up and my heart began racing like it hasn’t raced in a long time.


So The Deception Chamber from Cro-Mag Outdoors worked well for me and made my hunt a lot easier with only have basically one call to go to.

You can learn more about Cro-Mag Outdoors and The Deception Chamber on their website cromagoutdoors.com

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