The Vapor Maker & A Braggin Dad.

I have had this product for a few weeks and was excited about doing a review on it.  I knew this review was going to involve my kids and their first deer hunt looking thru the scope on the T/C.  I figured its going to be hard enough trying to keep them sitting still in the stand that I needed all the help I can get.

Let’s start this off with an actual review of the Vapor Trails Scents Vapor Maker.  When I first saw this online I figured probably what a lot of others figure and that its just a squirt bottle you use to spray on trees or in the air.  But after watching videos on the Vapor Trails Scents website, I thought it was worth a shot.  Man was I wrong with what this is.  It definitely isn’t a squirt bottle but it is a simple design that makes all the sense in the world.

What you get with the Vapor Maker is a strong plastic bottle with a cap that has a air pump on it.  Think of the tanks you use to spray the weeds in your driveway.  Connected to that bottle is a hose that uses a small ball valve for on and off.  The key to this setup is the nozzle on the end of the hose.  Unlike your weed sprayer, this has one setting.  It takes that liquid in the bottle and shoots it out in a super fine mist that you can barely see coming out that just floats off thru the woods.  That is when this Average Hunter thought to himself, “Why didn’t I think of this.”  Overall the Vapor Maker itself is a full proof design.  My only tip is to make sure you use clean water.  I always keep a couple gallons of clean water in my truck during huntin season anyway.  I used that and it worked flawlessly.  I wouldn’t fill it up with creek or pond water or you might clog it up.

So you’re probably asking about the scent.  I keep talking about filling this thing up with water and that doesn’t do us any good attracting deer or whatever we are hunting.  Well, that is where the beauty of the Vapor Maker comes into play.  You pour you small bottle of scent in the bottle, fill it up with water and you’re set.  “Watering Down My Deer Attractant,, What?!!!”  Ya Ya, I know.  It doesn’t make sense.  We have always been taught that we have to have that pure 100% non watered down concentrated scent.  If your dabbing it on a cotton ball and hanging it in a tree, you’re probably right.  But not when you are fogging the whole woods with it.  Think about it, you will understand.  You can use any scent for this.  But from experience, use the Vapor Trail Scents’ 33pt Buck Cover and Attractant.  Let Go Hunting

Now as I mentioned above, I waited to test this all out when I took my kids out for their first hunt.  I knew I wanted every advantage I could get to try and make their hunt more enjoyable.  So the first morning I was to hunt with my son and my daughter was to hunt with my Dad.  After a frantic morning trying to get both of them ready.  I am sure many of you know these type of mornings, it was my first.  We were late getting to the stand.  I originally wanted to walk, but time prevented that so we hopped on the quad and hurried to the stand.  Once we got to the parking spot, I took the Vapor Maker mixed with the VTS 33pt Cover and Attractant and sprayed ourselves down as I saw in the VTS website.  We were a couple hundred yards from the stand and shooting time was close so I went ahead and turned on the Vapor Maker and let it cover the whole walk to the stand.  It didn’t make any noise and left a great trail behind me covering my tracks.  We finally get to the stand and our Hunter Safety System vests are clipped on the tree and its time to hunt with no time to spare.  After a few minutes, my 7 year old start asking where the deer are and waving his hands all over pointing at that thing over there and that stick over there.  He has never hunted outside of a blind before so it was different for him to sit still.  After 15 minutes I go ahead and grab the Vapor Maker and pump it up again and let it do its thing.  It put out that scent for about 10 minutes straight before it ran out of air and I shut the valve and put it away for a while.  “I am hungry” shorty comes out of my sons mouth.  HA, this much I can handle.  I at least brought plenty of snacks.  I grab some chocolate donuts from the backpack and heard some noise behind us up on the hill.  Sounded like squirrels so I handed the donuts to my boy and heard it again.  I turned around and here comes this buck running down the hill right towards us. Down the hill he comes and stops, looks all around, smells the air and continues down the hill.  My son never even got a bite of donut and we are now staring at this buck.  When he gets to the bottom of the hill, he stops again and looks all around like he is expecting something to be there.  He works his way to the perfect spot, I get the T/C Encore up and hand it to my son.  He gets it lined up and says he is ready and I pull the hammer back for him.  What seemed like 20 minutes later, the smoke rolls and the buck crashes 40 yards later.  I haven’t taken a breath in forever and my son is in shock.  “What just happened” comes out of my mouth.

What an exciting morning obviously.  My daughter didn’t see anything with her hunt and after a slumber party and then camping, she was too tired to hunt that evening.  Plus I think she was upset a little her little brother shot one before her.

Check out Vapor Trail Scents and their Vapor Maker at their website

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