The Ultimate Checklist of Accessories for Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing Accessories

Planning for a kayak fishing trip is often exciting. You have read the HumberSports guide to kayak roof racks and are anxious to urge on the water, and are dreaming of your kayak being the force around with an enormous fish on the road. We’ve been there 100 times and brought in an exceedingly few of these important people, too! But, we’re ready to land a few more if we tend to have invariably packed properly. Don’t have a kayak yet? Check out this great kayak review.

Some Essential Lists for Kayak Fishing


Yes, this can be the straightforward answer, however, we tend to dare you to need a poll of kayak fishermen to visualize what percentage of them have forgotten their paddle reception. Regarding five-hundredths can say they’ve forgotten the paddle, and the alternative five-hundredths are lying.

Life Jacket

Not solely is this needed in most states, but, it’s inspired particularly once you’re kayak fishing alone. one of each of our veteran staffers once got himself caught in between a robust air current and his anchor surveillance pole and flipped over. even supposing he was in an exceeding grass flat of 4 feet of water, he was lucky to be carrying his life preserver that day.


Don’t underestimate how thirsty you’ll get after you commence every day of paddling. Bring a full Nalgene for every three hours you’re on the water. It gets hot in the summer, and having enough water means that you’ll be able to keep out fishing as long as you prefer.

Fishing Poles

This is meant to be plural, not singular. Though you’re headed out for a fast trip, it invariably is sensible to be ready for love or money you may see. Put together completely different forms of lures for the various things you’ll encounter. Perhaps prime water for the morning, many completely different colored jigs for late morning and afternoon, and a live bait hook if all else fails.


Having a knife simply accessible isn’t solely handy, however, it’s a necessity. bear in mind once our employee flipped in his kayak thanks to high winds. Having his knife simply accessible made it straightforward to chop the anchor line that got wrapped around his legs once he flipped. He was ready to sedately climb into his kayak and not need to worry about drowning. to not mention you’ll be able to use a knife to change lures, and cut bait. Don’t forget a good boat emergency kit if there’s a slip with the knife.

Kayak Fishing accessories Average Hunter anchor Matt Staser Pelican CatchAnchor (and anchor line)

Wind plays an enormous issue once you’re on the water in an exceeding kayak. If you discover a decent spot you’ll be able to quickly end up ten yards out of solid distance before you even cast a second time. A 3lb grappling kayak anchor ought to hold almost any kayak or look to take a position in an exceeding kayak anchor pole if you’re systematically in shallow water.  Here’s an excellent place to find some quality lines and other boat parts.

Wading Boots

Really any variety of water shoes works. Counting on wherever you launch, you ne’er recognize what’s on rock bottom or if you’ll need to urge out and wade up to a good fishing spot. (Be careful once walking if you recognize alligators are around.) Also, pay attention if the bottom is mucky. You will simply lose a shoe.

Kayak Seat

Some fishermen like the seat that comes with their kayak, however, a decent kayak seat will amend your entire day of fishing. Obtaining all the thanks for your launch purpose and realizing you have got no seat might mean an extended day for your back.

Kayak Fishing accessories Average Hunter sunglasses Matt Staser Pelican CatchSunglasses

This very ought to be to a higher place on our list; however, we expect all eleven of those things to be wants anyway. Once you’re in an exceeding kayak the glare from the water is large. You will be squinted all day and not get pleasure from fishing if you forget to try eyeglasses.


We suggest Fox forty. It is often detected up to a mile away and it’s solely one or two greenbacks. Use it if you drift, if a ship is coming back towards you, or if an admirer casts their line over yours. That’s a right-away penalty.

Kayak Repair Kit

Getting harm to your kayak is rarely fun, however not having a repair kit will ruin a complete trip. For expansive (as well as traditional) kayaks, this could mean having a travel pump and a patch kit available.

Kayak Fishing accessories Average Hunter Video Camera Matt Staser Pelican CatchCamera

Keep a visible record of your adventures and the fish you catch! Conjointly, you ne’er recognize what you will see on the water with a kayak fish finder or camera. The furtive nature of a kayak means that you will observe animals in an exceeding approach you’ve got ne’er been ready to see them before and you will need to capture it on camera.

A fully charged mobile phone

This is one of my favorite gadgets to have available, and no it’s not thus you’ll be able to text your buddies. Most cell phones these days are equipped with nice cameras, permitting you to capture stunning photos of nature. Not only will a mobile phone function as a camera, but it also can be a good means of safety. Just for when of associate degree emergency, it’s nice to have a phone available to facilitate.

Fishing License

It may rely upon the state; however, we’ve been stopped many times out on the water by Fish and life. They will provoke your license. Most states won’t fault you if you do not have it on the water, however, they’ll decide it is to create positive you’re telling the reality.


Kayaks offer the calmness and quiet that is fish-like. In contrast to motorboats that send the fish athletics away, kayaks glide and swish through the water, and don’t go goodbye as you do not bang the facet of your boat an excessive amount with the paddle. Want more fishing tips and guides? Check out, the blog of a passionate fisherman.

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