The Religion of Hunting

“Would you shoot a 180″ 3 year buck?  You would!!!  Well that is just wrong and you are going to ruin hunting.”  That just sounds silly to me, but the sad thing is, conversations just like that go on every day all over the web.

Why would someone say something like that?  Well I think one part of it is that on the web, people will say anything because there is no risk or chance they will have to back up their words.  Everyone is an expert and you all know exactly what I am talking about.  But this day and age gives everyone the ability to yell at someone else because of something they believe in or something they were told to believe in.  Now I am not saying that QDM isn’t a good thing.  I totally believe in it and think its a great program.  But would I pass on a decent buck because it’s not old enough?  A Heck No.  They only time I pass on bucks is the first couple weeks of bow season and the first couple hours of gun season.  After that, I am to hungry to pass on deer.  Will I have a better chance of shooting a great buck by passing on the small ones?  Again Yes.  But I like how the little ones taste so I prefer to shoot them.

Now the religion of hunting is how everyone criticizes and chastises all others for not following their way or beliefs of hunting.  I am not a religious man and you will never hear me discuss it hear or on my podcast.  But others preach their religion is best and others preach their way of hunting is the best.  But is it really their way of hunting or is it just the way they wish they could be.  Ya, I wish I could go out day after day and pass up 160″ 4 year olds every other day.  But if I am lucky I will get to pass up 60″ 1 year olds.  We as Average Hunters don’t have the option of hunting properties like this.  So we take what we can get and love every minute of it….. Wow, I am jumping all over the place.  What is the topic of this again.  Oh ya..

So why has hunting become such a religion?  I think its the online mask everyone gets.  Most guys go all day as your Average dude or dudett, but once they get online, things change.  They instantly become a P.I.H, a Professional Internet Hunter.  This is also called other acronyms but I can’t remember them all.  But pretty much the same thing.  They read someone else who they may admire write something somewhere and now they are a pro.  So they begin preaching that information to everyone and feel very strong about it.  Something to the point where things can become very heated.  If any of you belong to hunting forums, then you know exactly the types I am talking about.  They feel the power of immunity.  They make up some random username they nobody knows and now they can’t be traced.  So now let the trolling begin.  There are so many topics that many right answers and guys and gals will argue and argue that their way is the best just like religions.  Do I like QDM, yes, but I don’t follow it.  Do I think rifles and xbows are cheating, yes but I will be the first one out there using them.  Would I shoot multiple bucks over some does, I don’t want to but I will because I like meat.  Who’s way is the best?  That’s a pretty simple answer in my book.  Whatever way you enjoy doing it.

I am not a pro at anything so I will never preach what way is the best.  I talk about hunting because love hunting and I can.  I am not good at writing, but I do it because I can.  Don’t chastise me because I do things the way I do them.  I enjoy it and its not hurting you.  Everyone just needs to calm down.  There is a giant war against us and the ones that beat us will be us.


  • Jodi Cullen December 14, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    I have many similar scenarios, and the answer is all the same.Whatever turns your crank brother.What you choose to watch on T.V.What you do behind closed doors.Whether you hit on 12 when the dealer holds a 5.Meat hunter or trophy hunter.The choice is yours…enjoy!

  • Robin Follette December 14, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Sportsmen should be working together, not tearing each other apart. We have more than enough anti’s who will do what they can to end hunting. A 180″, three year old buck would be a big deer here. The people who would be quick to criticize taking that deer here probably have no idea what hunting here is like, that we’re on the outer edge of white tail habitat, or that a lot of us depend on wild game for meat.

  • December 14, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    I agree. Its a sad reality that hunters are more concerned with what everyone else is doing rather than focusing on their own hunting. Hunters cry when their neighbor kills a certain buck or even when I juvenile hunter kills a youngish buck (or even a a mature buck, for that matter). I have no problem with QDM as a practice and, though I realize that QDM is not as simple as letting young bucks walk, I almost always allow juvenile bucks to walk (despite having generous amount of buck tags), but I am not so worried about what other people are doing anymore. I have really come to despise the “control what everyone else does so that my hunting is better mentality.” Mature bucks are extremely difficult animals to hunt. If a hunter is experiencing lack of success with regards to hunting mature bucks, they should stop coming up with external excuses (neighbors, bag limits, rifles, dogs, orange vests, small game hunters, lack of QDM) and look in the mirror. With ~30 million deer out there, there are certainly plenty of deer to hunt and a huntable population of mature bucks and a few can almost always be found even in the most pressured environments. The other thing is (and despite what the hunting industry propagates), the big antler craze is just a trend in hunting and, assuming that it does not destroy hunting outright, it is a trend that will pass. There is no need to end friendships, make enemies with your neighbors, or anonymous death threats online over a trend. Antlers are great, but it does not define hunting. If other hunters are the culprit of your lack of enjoyment in hunting, then you are doing something wrong. Not every hunter has the same goals. Some hunters still go out with the goal of killing a deer, any deer, on their one or two days a year they get to actually hunt, just to feed their family. How can your possibly criticize this type of hunter? You would deny this guy’s family the meat from a spike buck just in case you happen to encounter this deer 3 years down the road and just in case in happens to have better than average antlers?

    • Avg Hunter December 14, 2012 at 6:26 pm

      gocarnivore, who is that last paragraph directed towards? I hope its to the online professionals out there??

  • Joe Edwards December 14, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    I’ve been hunting for over thirty years, and I have seen the changes in the industry for sure. When my Dad started taking me it wasn’t the “in” thing to do. We ate everything we shot. You turn on the TV now and every Buck is a brute. Every Bass a wall hanger. Thats not real life folks!! They have clouded our vision on what real hunting is. Simply put hunting is spending time afield enjoying what you do, hunting… Well not sure if that makes any sense but its my take on it

  • Avg Hunter December 14, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    I understand that a 180″ isn’t common for most or any really. It was an example to make a point. I am glad to hear many agree with my comments.

  • Anonymous December 22, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    It makes me laugh when people on tv shows pass up on beautiful bucks because they are waiting for that perfect buck. Most of us don’t have to luxury of being able to get out into the woods every day during hunting season. I am lucky get out once or twice on the weekends. If I am lucky enough to get a decent buck cross my path, you can rest assured I will take the shot. I may not get another.

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