Study reveals where Americans prefer hunting

where to hunt in america


Have you always wondered what makes American hunters tick, or which hunting type is the most popular? Perhaps you want more hunting opportunities in different states and need a little help finding the perfect spot. This is a common challenge many hunters face and one which a recent study into America’s latest hunting trends has proven helpful.

Using recent research gathered by Tier One, we now know that:

Americans prefer hunting in….


Texas is the beating heart of hunting practices in America. The evidence is in the statistics, too. Over a million hunting licenses were issued for Texan hunters in 2021. There are several reasons for this – Texas, with a diverse landscape, has an abundant range of different game species. From the popular white-tailed deer to the smaller quail, doves, and turkeys, everyone can hunt at a level of skill and experience that suits them.

Hunting is also deeply rooted in Texan culture, with a great economic impact on local areas – particularly in places like Georgia.

Tier One has also shown that most people flock to hunting spots like Texas for quality meat, but also as a form of pest control, for a smaller 5% of hunters. If Texans didn’t kill white-tailed deer each year – where the harvest amounts to 680,000 for the 2022-2023 season – the state’s herd would immediately begin to spiral out of control! This would overturn the natural environment irreparably.

Rest assured, hunting can be a beneficial activity both for you, by spending time outdoors and in the fresh air, but also for the nature that surrounds you.

But, Americans also prefer…

Indeed, Texas wasn’t the only popular hunting spot uncovered by Tier One’s study. Hunters also favor Michigan for the thrill of hunting black bears and flighty white-tailed deer.

Michigan has a range of different landscapes that challenge Texas in environmental diversity! From verdant woodlands to rolling hills and swamps, Michigan’s strong climate, alongside a diverse landscape, makes for a unique hunting spot loved by many American hunters.

We highly recommend traveling out-of-state to see what Michigan can offer you; for example, there is a limited black bear hunting season in Michigan, but bobcats and pheasants can also be found here. Black bears in particular pose an exceptional challenge for any hunter looking to test his skill.

Game that can be found in both Texas and Michigan – that are worth hunting for! – include waterfowl, wild turkey, quail, raccoons, and feral hogs. White-tailed deer are also shared between the two states and are enjoyable to hunt for their antlers, the quality of their meat, and the challenge that their speed poses for hunters.

Aside from Texas and Florida…

Tier One also demonstrated just how many great hunting spots US hunters traveled to. Other popular locations include vibrant states with diverse landscapes, like New York, Georgia, California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. These hunting destinations are teeming with wildlife, and vegetation and even have vast swathes of land dedicated to hunting and hunting alone.

We recommend traveling to these states in the Autumn time, the most preferred season for hunting amongst 500 US hunters. This is because Autumn marks the beginning of deer season for most of the states we’ve mentioned above!



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