Spypoint Link-Micro Review

SpyPoint Link-Micro Review

With the emergence of cellular trail cameras in the market still being fairly new, it’s still very expensive for a lot to get into. Spypoint is making great strides to bringing this higher-end technology to the “Average Hunter” with their latest introduction of the Link-Micro, it offers a wallet-friendly way for hunters to be able to sit at work and get pics all day sent directly to their phone on the Spypoint Link App. This Spypoint Link-Micro Review will show you the ins and outs the Link-Micro Trail Camera and let you decide if you want one or twelve.

A look at the Spypoint App

The app is the key to all of the Spypoint line of Link cameras. From here you can do pretty much everything you need on your camera from seeing all your picks, sharing them directly to all your social accounts, changing all the settings and even chatting with support. Below is a break down of the pages of the app you will use with your Spypoint  Link camera.

Spypoint app reviewHere is where the fun happens. The pics all show up from day to day. These pics aren’t the full resolution ones that the camera actually takes. You have to get those from the memory card in the camera. You can check out the comparison below. But these pics have been compressed in size to make it easier to transmit to your phone and use less battery and data.Spypoint app reviewThe information page gives you all the info on the camera itself from the signal strength, how much battery is left and some current info like temp and how many pics have been taken on the current month’s subscription.
Spypoint app reviewAll of the camera settings happen on the app as well. On other Link cameras, you can choose to have it in video mode, but not on the Link-Micro. If you do have a camera with the video ability, you won’t get a video sent to the app. But, you will get a pic taken at the start of the video. This is another feature to keep data use low and keep subscription rate low also. You will have to pull the files off the memory card to get the videos.Spypoint app reviewAll of the settings of the camera can be set from the app from wherever you are. If your camera is taking too many pics of small stuff, just change the sensitivity to something lower. If you don’t want pics taken during a certain time, you can create a schedule. The list of setting configurations is big and it’s all done from your app wherever you’re at.

How clear are the pictures?

As I mentioned above, the pics you see on your app sometimes appear to be a little fuzzy at times. Part of that is the lighting, time of day and so on. But a lot of it is because the images are shrunk down in size. You can see the comparison below in quality and size from the app pics and the pics pulled from the memory card. Having the ability to download the full resolution image would be a nice feature, but I totally understand not doing it if it keeps the subscription costs down.

Pic From App (click on pic to see full size and resolution)Pic From SD Card (click on pic to see full size and resolution)
App photo size: 600 x 338, 43.2 KBMemory Card Size (High-Quality Setting): 4096 x 2304, 717 KB
Spypoint Link-Micro review pic from appSpypoint Link-Micro review pic from sd card
Spypoint Link-Micro deer pictures from appSpypoint Link-Micro review pic from sd card
Spypoint Link-Micro review pic from appSpypoint Link-Micro from sd card
Spypoint Link-Micro review pic from appSpypoint Link-Micro review pic from sd card
Spypoint Link-Micro deer pictures from appSpypoint Link-Micro review pic from sd card

What about that size?

The Spypoint Micro is called Micro for a reason. It’s small. The dimensions of this camera are 3.1″ W X 4.4″ H X 2.2″ D which puts this camera right in the palm of your hand. It’s powered by 8 AA batteries which are held in by a removable carriage. There are a ton of features on here as you can see from above, but you can look HERE to see all the details on Spypoint’s website. While the small physical size of the camera is great for portability, Aiden from Shooting & Safety points out here that you also should keep in mind the size of the trail cam’s memory card so you don’t run out of storage capacity more frequently than you can swap out the card.

So, what do I think?

There are a lot of factors that have impressed me while doing this Spypoint Link-Micro Review, the camera app and Spypoint in general. The Spypoint Micro itself is the perfect size camera for me. Easily hideable and no problem throwing it in your pack.  The price can’t be beaten. Who would have thought while most companies are charging around $400 for a camera that someone could jump in with one that’s just as good for $150 like the Micro. That alone is huge and will be the best selling point for anyone wanting to get into the cell camera game.

The app is also key. I love the ability to be able to control every aspect of the settings from my phone wherever and whenever. But Spypoint, in general, are somehow able to give us what we all wanted. I budget camera and cheap subscriptions. Right now I’m only using the free monthly subscription which gives me 100 photos a month. Closer to the season I will pay $5 a month for 250 a month and it keeps going up from there. I don’t know how they keep the plans so low, but thanks Spypoint.

So yes, I really like this camera and will be adding more.


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