Simple Mouth Watering Grilled Goose Recipe

Grilled Goose Recipe

Grilled Goose Recipe

If you have ever tried eating wild goose, you know you either like it or hate it. Unfortunately, most I know hate it. Which is actually how I get it. This is a very simple goose recipe that even the reluctant love.

Wild Goose breast Goose RecipeThis is a very simple goose recipe so I don’t think I need to go into a lot of pics and details. I know you all are smart enough to figure out the basics.

Step #1. Take you goose breast and slice it like you’re making jerky. Cut around 1/4″ slices.
Step #2. Marinate the slices in Coke and throw in some seasonings.  I will use a product like Lawry’s Season All just for flavor. Marinade for at least several hours.
Step #3. The Bacon. Lay out your strips of bacon and place a strip of goose right on top. Roll it up and toothpick it to hold it together.
Step #4. GRILL IT. When grilling anything wrapped in bacon, I have found to grill it with some heat. I have my Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone set at 450 degrees. If you don’t cook at a higher heat, the bacon won’t always cook.

Optional. You may like to brush on some BBQ sauce.  I did on some and it really added to the flavor.

Cook the goose to your desired temp and you’re done. I used built-in meat thermometer on my GMG and took this batch up to 160.  But some like it a lower temp.

Yes, there’s a hot dog. I had an extra piece of bacon and didn’t want to waste it.

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