Product Review – Ribz Front Pack

There is a place for a backpack and then there are times when its more of hassle than anything.  In this review, I will be putting the the Ribz Front Pack to the test in the field during a turkey hunt in Central Illinois.

With Turkey hunting on the mind, I knew a clunky backpack wasn’t something I was looking forward to messing with.  Especially when I was planning on hunting Run & Gun style where I was going to moving a lot and sitting up against a lot of trees trying to draw that tom into close range.  Also with plans on wearing a ghillie suit, I wanted something that would fit easily under a jacket and still offer plenty of room for storage of all my calls, ammo, gear and a snack or two.  I was excited when I was asked to look at the Ribz Front Pack as this looks like it was just what I was looking for.

Trying the pack on for the first time, I was impressed with how comfortable it was.  The center zipper and the quick adjustment straps on the shoulder straps and waist strap made the fit adjustment quick and easy.  I was very pleased with how comfortable the Ribz Front Pack is and how the thin Cordura material allowed for a low profile which was just what I was looking for.

The fit is perfect so it’s time for the real test.  I am ready to head out into the field and see how the Ribz Front Pack stack up on the hunt.

The storage of the Ribz Front Pack was more than plenty for my trip.  Inside the two main packs were separate mesh pockets which really helped in keeping items separate.  These separate mesh pockets really helped with keeping my friction calls separate.  The were pretty much the perfect size and almost seemed like they were made just for turkey calls.  With the packs loaded with two friction calls, a box call, box of 3 1/2’s, a couple protein bars, knife and my Field Cleanse kit, it still fit easily under my ghillie suit jacket with room to spare.  Walking around in the woods with my shotgun over my shoulder was a breeze also with the weight of the pack center body and allowing me to maintain my balance when I need it while crossing those steep muddy creeks.  The use in the field was all I could have imagined.  Pockets were very easy to get to while sitting on the ground.  Actually those were the only pockets I could get to.

The Ribz Front pack is a welcome addition to my outdoors arsenal.  I can see this going on many trips with me far beyond the hunting woods.  This Average Hunter recommends the Ribz Front Pack to any Outdoorsman.





Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Ribz Front Pack for free from Ribz as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.