Reviewing the Limbsaver Crossbow Suppression Kit

crossbow suppression review

One of the biggest issues with crossbows is the noise. I’ve personally had deer jump, duck, or spin away from the shot from a loud crossbow. So I wanted to do something about it and this Suppression Kit from LimbSaver seemed to be just the ticket. I thought it was anyway. Check out the video and see the digital results and hear for yourself the before and after.

This deer season I am going to be strictly a crossbow hunter as I had to start physical therapy for a bum shoulder.  I have an old 1st Gen Horton Havoc but it’s very loud and as I mentioned above, I’ve had deer jump the string because of it.  So I searched locally for a good deal on something different. I found this Excalibur GRZ2 crossbow on Craigslist for a great price (after some haggling) so I had to get it.  But after a few shots, I quickly realized, it’s not very quiet either.  Although it is quieter than the old Horton.

After searching online, I found that Excalibur makes a noise suppression kit for this crossbow.  But it was expensive and I am not one to spend a lot of money on this stuff.  So I kept searching and found this Crossbow Suppression Kit from Limbsaver.  It had some good reviews, Limbsaver is a name we all know, and it was cheap.  So why not give it a shot.

I was excited to try this kit and was also excited to test it compared to a bare crossbow for the sound range.  But, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment after taking a couple of shots with the Limbsaver kit installed.  Seeing it and hearing it for yourself is the easiest way to explain.  Check out the video.

Disclaimer:  The decibel meter is not a professionally certified meter and the number shown should not be quoted.  This is just an app I downloaded to use on my phone.  It’s just for reference. 


Posted by Average Hunter on Monday, September 27, 2021

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