Poison Ivy Treatment in the Field

treatment for poison ivy in the field

poison ivy treatmentTis the season we love being out in the woods with the weather still not too hot, some hunting going on or just going out for a hike or run.  But this is also the season for all kinds of itchy weeds that are laying low just waiting for us to walk by.

Poison Ivy is probably the most common for all of us and I always keep a couple items in my truck to help with Poison Ivy Treatment in the field.  How about a couple standard kitchen cleaners to take that right off.  Poison Ivy gets on you from the oils that is on its leaves.  Like most oils we get on us, its often pretty hard to get off and spreads easily.  So here are a few tips on Poison Ivy treatment in the field that you can do to go home Poison Ivy free after some time in the woods.

What’s the first thing we think of when “what doesn’t mix well with oil”?  How about water?  We all know water and oil don’t mix.  Actually water will just spread oil around.  So if you think you got into some Poison Ivy, don’t walk thru the creek and wash your arms and legs.  You will more than likely spread it around.  Instead, keep a couple items on you or pretty handy.

poison ivy treatmentJust like doing your dishes at home, you want something that is going to break up the grease and oil to get your dishes or counter clean.  The same products work great for getting the Poison Ivy oils off your skin.  I keep a container of all purpose kitchen wipes in my truck at all times for any given reasons.  But wiping down my legs after a long run thru the woods or arms after a day of hunting mushrooms is a life saver.  These wipes are a degreaser for the kitchen and it takes that Poison Ivy right off.  Another great tool to keep around is some Dawn dish soap.  We have all seen all the commercials and seen the ads about cleaning oil off ducks from crashed oil tanker, it works just as good as cleaning the oils off us.

These are just a couple tricks I like for Poison Ivy treatment that work great for me.


  • The Lone Star Blogger June 18, 2015 at 9:38 am

    I’m not even THAT lax when it comes to poison ivy after my last bout with it last summer. (I am proof that a shower will spread it!) Now, even in the Gulf Coast Humidity, it is long sleeves, gloves and pants for me if I’m headed into the brush! Then again an estimated 70% of your body being covered in the worst pain imaginable will do that to a person hahaha!

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