OEDRO F150 All-Weather Floor Mats Review

F150 all-weather floor mats OEDRO

There are not many items in our hunting and fishing arsenal that are more important than our trucks.  Keeping your ride in good shape is just as important as keeping those reels spinning or that gun cycling.  Now that I moved out of the Midwest and spending most days with my toes in the sand fishing and hopefully hunting, I never realized how important a good set of all-weather floor mats would be.

I know when you think of these all-weather floor mats, there’s probably one or two brands that come to mind.  We all know who they are.  I don’t have anything against them, I just don’t want to spend the $250 for a set of mats for my F-150 that the top brand charges.  So I did some looking.

What Did I Find?

After surfing the web, I came across OEDRO and never really heard of them.  Did some research and read a lot of reviews and they sounded like a pretty good option.  After finding out the set for my truck was on sale and still able to use a discount code I found, I was able to pick up a full set of all-weather floor mats for $90 shipped.  I figured, for that price, it was worth a shot.

OEDRO is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of premium aftermarket auto parts brand in the US market.
OEDRO stands by the quality and offers a warranty on all of its products. As off-road experts, we believe first and foremost in excellent product quality, dedicated service, reasonable price, and outstanding design.
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The Review

I’m sure you’re like me and either have had other brands or have been in vehicles with all-weather floor mats before.  One thing I didn’t like about some of them, including the big brand, is how hard and slick they are.  Your feet seem to slide on them even when everything is dry.  I was pleasantly surprised the OEDRO all-weather floor mats aren’t like that.  The material is thick and heavy-duty but has a texture that has a softer feel and your feet don’t slip or slide on them.

The fit and installation were perfect.  I know there are a few edges flipped up for now, but after a few hot days, I’m sure everything will lay down evenly.

All and all, I am very happy with these and would recommend them to anyone.  They look like they are always doing a sale of some kind and offering discounts.  Quality and Cheap are two words that usually don’t go well together.  This time they do.

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