Keep a Pet First Aid Kit On Hand At All Times

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Pet First AidReasons to keep a Pet First Aid Kit on Hand

Everyone has heard horror stories about accidents that have happened to their dogs in the field.  Whether the incident involved a broken bone, a deep laceration, or even a gunshot wound, chances are that the dog was saved from serious complications or death thanks to the quick thinking of someone with a pet first aid kit.  While it is easy to assume that the worst can never happen to you or your dog, preparation is crucial in order to give your pet the best chance of Best Survival should an unforeseen accident occur.

Stabilizing your pet in the field can save its life.  A pet first aid kit contains all the items necessary to stabilize your pet in their puppy bed before you can get him or her to a veterinarian.  Most trauma kits, like the Ready Dog Professional Trauma Kit, contains items like hemostatic granules to stop bleeding, electrolyte replacement drink mix, paramedic shears, and trauma dressings to help you perform life-saving treatment in serious cases, or quick fixes in minor instances so that your dog can get back into the field after a cut or scrape. Even having a dog carrier backpack 50 lbs is great to have on hand to carry your wounded dog out.

Never forget to pack an item.  Sure, a first aid kit can be put together at home, but what if you forget an important item?  First aid kits, especially those that are prepared with the unique needs of hunting/sporting dogs in mind, ensure that no necessary items are ever left off the list.  Also, don’t forget to put flea collars around the dog’s neck to prevent severe flea infestations. In addition, first aid equipment is conveniently stored in one easy to find location, eliminating the possibility of searching through your truck looking for the items you need.  First aid kits are prepared by canine experts which means that every item was hand selected for a specific purpose or need.

First aid kits are often less expensive.  If you still think you would prefer to put together a first aid kit yourself to store in your vehicle or home, consider that it is typically cheaper to buy a first aid kit than to purchase all of the individual items, many of which can be difficult to find.  Since the first aid kit is only needed on an occasional basis, it is far more economical to purchase the kit, which often contains smaller sized ointments, creams, and amounts of gauze, etc., than it is to buy larger quantities that you may never get around to using.

Pet first aid kits are multi-use.  If you purchase an ultimate survival kit for sale, chances are that you will not need a human first aid kit, as well.  While all the items in a human first aid kit may not be suitable for animals (especially medicines or ointments), products that can be used on your dog are guaranteed to also be safe for humans.  In this way, you can kill two birds with one stone by simply purchasing a pet first aid kit for all of your emergency needs.

Accidents happen.  As Murphy’s Law states:  anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  The better prepared you are for an accident the less likely you will have a bad outcome.  From getting a thorn stuck in a paw pad to being attacked by a wild animal, a pet first aid kit can help your dog overcome any situation.

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