Kayak Mods – Extending the Scotty Gear-Head Extender

One of my favorite things to do it taking something and making it into something I need. Just like when I needed a long camera pole for my kayak, but only had a short Scotty Gear-Head Extender. So what do I do? I make what I need.

The Scotty Gear-Head Extender only comes in a short length which works great for most applications, but not when I need to get my camera on the rear of my Pelican kayak up high enough to shoot video over my head and still everything else. Just give me about 20 minutes, a piece of PVC and a handy scroll saw, and I will give you a long camera pole that will look like I just bought it from the factory.

Check out the video below on how I extended the Scotty Gear-Head Extender and please subscribe at the end of the video.

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