The GameXtractor Game Recovery Review



The GameXtractor is a Canadian made product engineered by avid hunters to deliver an effective and efficient hunting solution. Its an Ideal accessory to extract deer and other game out of the woods!

I don’t know if its me getting older or what, but I don’t like dragging deer as much as I did when I was a kid. I don’t think I liked it to much back then but I didn’t have a choice. Now we do. Its fairly common for most hunters to have some sort of off road type vehicle like a 4 wheeler or even a jacked up golf cart. With all of these all terrain tools of joy come more and more accessories to make our time using them easier.  This review is of one of those that makes dragging a deer or other large game back to the truck as easy as you can get.

Its Durable aluminum welded design, with a weight capacity of  550 lbs or 250 Kg, has been proven to  handle many demanding field hunting situations.

GameXtractor inserts into a 2″ receiver, making it a perfect fit for your ATV.

Never again be stuck in the bush with no way to retrieve your trophy buck.  The GameXtractor allows one hunter to easily extract large game – saving time, energy and their back.

With deer hunting being unusually tough this year, we had a harder time getting to test the GameXtractor as much as we wanted to.  But a decent weekend in the woods during our gun season and finally got our chance.  First test was a large 150 lbs dressed doe that was tracked and found down a steep hillside.  Would have been a very hard drag but wasn’t too steep to get the 4wheeler down with the GameXtractor.  In a matter of seconds of just dropping the head of the deer in the GameXtractor it was up the hill and on its way back to camp.


The GameXtractor has proven to be a very useful tool for us hauling deer out of the woods.  We usually use sleds pulled behind the ATV but that sometimes tipping over in rough terrain and can be hard to load sometimes if someone is by themselves.  If you can pick up the head a little ways, you can use the GameXtractor.  We even used it on a smaller yearling and it sill worked as advertised.

Not everything is perfect though.  We did run into one drawback.  Depending on the terrain you are towing the deer over, you will loose some fur.  In the case of the large doe, it was drug quite a ways over frozen dry dirt lanes.  It did wear away patches of fur but not in front of the shoulders since it does hold enough of the head and neck off the ground.  If you are dragging thru woods or over grassy areas, I don’t see a problem.   Another little thing I would like to see would be a two piece design.  They built this very well and I see it lasting forever.  But it does take up some room in storage.

Overall, the concept, design and construction of the GameXtractor were great.  It’s super lightweight and anyone can install it.  It does exactly as advertised and will be always be around for our hunts.

Find more about GameXtractor at their website or on their Facebook page


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