Double Barrel Arrow Loader Archery Review

double barrel arrow loader

In reviewing this bowhunting gear, we are looking at the new Double Barrel Arrow Loader.  A great new product designed to increase the speed and reduce the movement of getting that next arrow ready for a second shot.

If you bowhunt for any amount of time, you have probably been in this situation.  You made a bad shot but the deer didn’t run away or at least didn’t run far.  You’re going to get a chance at another shot but that deer is on high alert and you now need to reach around your bow, pull an arrow out of your quiver and somehow get it all the way around your bow and in your rest without that deer seeing you.  That is never an easy situation and usually doesn’t work out well for the hunter.  David Daigler, the inventor of the Double Barrel Arrow Loader, has made that situation easier for everyone.

What Does It Do?

The concept is simple.  Place an arrow right next to rest in a place that will allow it to go right into place.  This eliminates about 80% of the movement and time normally needed to reload an arrow in the stand.  The Double Barrel Arrow Loader does work just as advertised.

How Does It Work?

double barrel arrow loader review

Using this product is very simple but does take some practice to get used to.  The way I used it at the beginning was to place the arrow nock on the string but not placing it in the rest.  While it was still nocked up on the string, I would swing the arrow to the front mount of the Double Barrel Arrow Loader.  Then undo the string from the arrow and place the arrow on the rear mount.  This way I knew that it was lined up to easily pop on the string when needed.  From there you just nock the arrow up and draw.  Like I said before, it is something that takes some getting used to, so practice.

double barrel arrow loader review

My Thoughts…..

Although the Double Barrel Arrow Loader does its job as advertised perfectly, it does cause issues I am concerned about.  You may not like the added weight.  Personally, it didn’t bother me.  The part that bothered me was the size and how it actually interfered with my normal interaction with my bow.  I have a hard thing case for my bow and it doesn’t work well with the Double Barrel Arrow Loader installed.  I have to loosen in or take it off to put my bow away.  I am a minimalist on my bow.  I don’t have much on it so I don’t care for putting it together every time I want to hunt.  My other issue is that is gets in the way while trying to carry my bow and just another thing that catches on trees and brush while getting lost in the woods.

double barrel arrow loader reviewSo I am split on this product.  It does exactly what it is intended to do and it does it very well.  So I will give it high ratings for that.  BUT, the awkwardness it adds to my bow is a big deduction for me.  My results will be that I won’t be using this but I am sure one day I wish I was.  I will just take my chances and try not to need a second shot.

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