Cutting arrows at home without a saw

arrow sizing cutting how to


Have you ever tried cutting arrows yourself but didn’t have a way to make a clean square cut? Sizing arrows, especially carbon arrows, has always been something that the average archer was forced to go to an archery shop to have done.  Who wants uneven cuts on your arrow anyway and using a bigger saw or most other saws we would find in our garage will cause the ends of the carbon arrows to split and fray. I have had the same problem for years but lived with it and by adding extra glue to fill in the cracks.

arrow sizing cutting how toAfter working on a small plumbing project at home, I had some tools laying on my workbench and also an old arrow that was trash. It was one of those deals where I saw a small pipe cutter , my arrow, and wondered “What if”.  I just had to try it and it worked great.  

Watch how it’s done

Check out the video below as I use a basic small pipe cutter and a cheap step drill bit to size my Black Eagle Vintage arrows down to my size.