Checking Your Prusik Knot On Safety Rope

As more and more hunters are practicing treestand safety, the use of safety ropes like the Lifeline from Hunter Safety System are also becoming more popular.  Which is a good thing as you should know by now, most treestand falls happen while climbing in and out of the stand.  These safety lines are used to keep you safe while you are making this climb.

These safety lines like the Lifeline from HSS all use an age old knot used by climbers from all over.  This is the prusik knot.  It’s a very simple but very effective knot which allows you to travel easily up and down a rope. Once pressure is applied to the end loop, the knot cinches on the rope and locking into place.  That’s the beauty of the knot.  But I did notice something today that can easily make this knot ineffective.

prusik knot hitch  As you look at this photo, there are two prusik knots shown.  Both are tied the exact same way.  The top one is perfect and will operate perfectly.  The bottom one just had the top loop slip down over the rest.  Doesn’t seem like much but it is.  This little seemingly harmless flip will completely change how the knot works and actually make the knot ineffective.  See the video below for what exactly happens.

Check out the video and check your knots.  If you’re going to use a Lifeline, it’s easy to make sure its going to work right.  Hunt safe out there.

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