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Whitetail buck in field, gender is a factor in how long a deer lives

How Long Do Deer Live?

Whitetail deer are among the most hunted species in America, due to their abundance and great-tasting venison. They inhabit a vast portion of the United States and Canada. The whitetail deer holds a mystic over the North American hunter that few species can rival. As a hunter, we love matching wits with a mature buck and coming out on top.…

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3rd main beam buck trailcam

What Is a 3rd Main Beam Buck?

Have you heard people talk about deer with a “3rd Main Beam”? With most deer hunters out there, you hear most of them talking about deer with a 3rd main beam .  Some will even try and convince you that it’s an actual 3rd antler on that deer.  So what is it actually. The “3rd Main Beam” is actually none of…

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Where Are The Whitetail? Tracking 12 Years Of Record Whitetails.

There are always questions about Whitetail Deer that usually include two very popular ones like “What state has the most trophy bucks?” or this one that is really getting popular “Where have all the deer gone?”.  The later question seems to be the important one these days in a lot of states in the Midwest. With the outbreak of diseases…

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running whitetail deer

How Do You Know You’re Hunting Too Much?

What do deer do when they feel pressured? Well they run of course and wave that big white flag telling you Good Bye and Better Luck Next Time. When will the deer come back? Like any situation with animals or humans, they wait until the coast is clear. Will they ever come back if the coast is never clear, I…

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Aiden’s First Deer – The Find

While reflecting back on the previous season and the highlights, I keep thinking about my son and daughter spending more time out there with me.  Although I am still working on my daughter and waiting for her to finally live and breath the outdoors, it didn’t take long at all for son. I have discussed this a few times in…

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Where Have All The Bucks Gone

The Hunting and Outdoors Shows season is upon us and a lot of these shows have their main attraction being a big buck contest.  I am an official measurer for Boone & Crockett and I am at a lot of these shows measuring these deer with many other measurers from B&C, P&Y and other organizations.  Up to about 5 years ago, these…

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How To Manage A Deer Herd? Ask Kentucky!

I will start off by saying that I am no where near to what anyone would call a deer expert.  When it comes to managing a deer herd, all I care about is how I can manage to fill up my freezer with whatever walks by me that day.  Is that the correct way to look at our deer population,…

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