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Train Hard + Hunt Hard = ??

I used to think the equipment was the most essential part of your capabilities as a hunter. Training and honing your shooting skills are remarkably important as well, but there will come a time where your gear will be what sets you back. As much as I practiced, I felt I couldn’t shoot any better, and there was always a…

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Trail Running For The Hunt. Train Like Payton

Taking your training to the trails is my favorite way to train for a long season of hunting.  Trail Running will prepare you if you do it right. I wanted to go over a little on how I like to approach a training session on the trails. Not all trails are equal as we all know.  There are the long…

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Off Season Training. Where To Start?

As hunters, we all realize that it takes training and preparation to make a successful hunt.  The same goes for pretty much all the outdoors.  So where do we start and how far do we take it? I will never tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t do.  As every “average hunter” out there lives a different life and has different…

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Fair Weather Runner, The New Year

I love to train hard and keep in fit shape all year long. I also love to go out for a run down the road or especially thru the hills and hollers in our local state parks. Then there are times when I hop on a bike and hit the roads or trails also. It all really clears my mind…

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The 55 Pound Journey – Part 2

Continued From “The 55 Pound Journey – Part 1” Now you know what you have been eating and if you were like me, you are shocked at all the “healthy” foods are actually junk. It’s time to take the big step and make the change. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done. No more drive-thru, No…

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The 55 Pound Journey – Part 1

I am sure most of your don’t really care about watching your health or the benefits of fitness, but it makes a huge difference.  Trust me, I never used to and my health was crap and I struggled at many activities in the outdoors.  I have written about this before and talked about it on blogs and may repeat my…

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