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everything in my scent crusher ozone gear bag

Getting Dressed Before The Hunt and Staying Scent Free

When do you get dressed before your hunt and are you staying scent free? Walking into the small town gas station early on a weekend morning this time of year and you will usually find a bunch of hunters running in and out getting their morning coffee and snacks to have in the stand.  How do I know these are…

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Hunter's Crate

Opening up Hunter’s Crate

We’ve all seen these monthly clubs before.  They come in pretty much everything from a jelly of the month club to even beer.  The last couple years I have been starting to see more specialized clubs form that reach outdoorsmen groups like us.  Now hunters finally have something from Hunter’s Crate. – HOW IT WORKS –  THE GOAL Hunter’s Crate is…

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Fishing with Man-Pack

Gear Review – Outdoors With The Man-PACK 2.0 Stalker

Gear review of the Man-PACK 2.0 Stalker Not all packs are created equal as I have learned and we all pretty much know by now.  There are specialty packs for every situation, every style of hunt or types of traveling.  The Man-PACK is one of those packs that for me, fills in the gap between all of them. As hunters, we…

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Paleo Meals To Go

Eating in the Field With Paleo Meals To Go

Spending time in the field for a few hours or a few days will make anyone hungry.  Having a meal readily available is usually a problem.  At least something other than a candy bar that’s been melted and smashed 10 times in the bottom of your pack.  I for one, prefer a meal that has some substance, tastes good and isn’t filled with…

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RAYCAPZ Review Shades Down

RAYCAPZ Built In Sunglasses Cap Review

Anyone that wears sunglasses and a ball cap, which I assume is a lot, knows what it’s like to have them fall to the ground after you bend over, look up, sneeze, or just about anything when you take them off and put them on your cap.  The inventors of RAYCAPZ are trying to solve that problem with combining the shades…

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Mojo Sportswear Wireman

Mojo Sportswear Vented Wireman Review

Enjoying the outdoors in comfort and protecting yourself from the elements at the same time is something we should all try to focus on.  Of everything out there that can hurt us, nothing does more damage than the sun.  Mojo Sportswear Company produces apparel that is intended to let you enjoy the hot summer days and still stay protected from the sun.  I’m trying…

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the truckers friend review

Reviewing The Trucker’s Friend

  When I leave my house either heading to the field, going to work or going on a trip, I always like to be prepared for whatever life feels like it needs to throw at me that day.  If you look thru my truck, you will find supplies to help manage pretty much most situations.  But when trying to pack…

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Outdoors Products Canyon Weather Defense Backpack Review

Outdoor Products Canyon Weather Defense Backpack Review

Going out for a long hunt or a 10 mile hike, the one thing we always need to a reliable and comfortable pack to carry our supplies in.  Outdoor Products offers a wide variety of packs for everyone’s needs.  I wanted something that could hold a lot of gear, be comfortable all day and also keep everything dry, so Outdoor…

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