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best hunting camo

What’s the best hunting camo? Take your pick

  We all have our favorite camo and have our opinions on the best hunting camo, but have you seen them all?  Did you know that there are a bunch of camo makers on the market today? There’s a lot that I am sure you have never seen and wished you would have.  The variety of designs is staggering and…

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World Record Whitetail photoshop fake

What should you do if you shoot a world record whitetail

You wake up early in the morning and just have that feeling something good is going to happen.  Your dream of that world record whitetail just might happen.  It’s that same dream all deer hunters have had either laying in bed the night before a hunt or while you’re sitting in the stand.  We’ve all had that dream of the…

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base layers warm hunting

Staying Comfortable While Hunting

Hunting is a waiting game, which is why comfort couldn’t be more important. When you’re out for a long day, on an overnight hunt, or away for a multi-day excursion, you must prepare. Follow these six tips hunting comfortable in any season. Dress in Layers Because hunting is an outdoor pursuit, any hunting trip is susceptible to a variety of weather conditions.…

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Hunters Social Media Hate Mail Average Hunter Anti-Hunters

How to act and react with anti-hunters on social media

There’s nothing like having a great day in the field or woods and want to share your success with all your friends on your social media page but to only get slammed by some anti-hunters that don’t agree with what you’re doing.  I am sure it makes you mad at some of the things they are saying and you just…

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hunter's worst enemy

A Hunter’s Worst Enemy

Who are the hunter’s worst enemy?  In most cases it’s other hunters. It’s that time of year again when the success of some brings out the hate of many.  It’s deer season all around and it’s when the worst in hunters really shows its face.  It never fails when a lucky hunter shows their success, there will be several that…

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everything in my scent crusher ozone gear bag

Getting Dressed Before The Hunt and Staying Scent Free

When do you get dressed before your hunt and are you staying scent free? Walking into the small town gas station early on a weekend morning this time of year and you will usually find a bunch of hunters running in and out getting their morning coffee and snacks to have in the stand.  How do I know these are…

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Hunting Memories. Remembering That First Deer

After over 30 years hunting, that day still is clearer in my mind than pretty much most of them.  It’s for sure in my top 5 hunting memories that include both my kids first deer and a big one or two.  I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It was my turn to finally get to deer hunt.…

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Checking Your Prusik Knot On Safety Rope

As more and more hunters are practicing treestand safety, the use of safety ropes like the Lifeline from Hunter Safety System are also becoming more popular.  Which is a good thing as you should know by now, most treestand falls happen while climbing in and out of the stand.  These safety lines are used to keep you safe while you…

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