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Tip on Taking Care of a Spinning Reel

Whether you bought an expensive spinning reel or a cheaper one if you don’t do proper regular maintenance your fishing reel will break down easily. The Best spinning reel under $30 doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or have the best spinning rod; giving it extensive and proper maintenance will sure give you the best fishing service for an extended…

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Average Hunter Top 5 Kayak Angler Gifts

My Top 5 Kayak Angler Christmas Gifts

  Kayak fishing is becoming more and more of a popular sport these days and many kayak anglers are putting gifts on their Christmas list. I know I have a few goodies I want for my kayaks for helping me catch more fish and also helping handle my kayaks. Below you will see my top 5 kayak angler items that…

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Abu Garcia Black Max Average Hunter

Adventures in Baitcasters – The Beginning

In my 35+/- years of fishing, I have never cared about what fishing reel I used, what brand it was or what style it was.  All I cared about is that it would cast a worm or lure easily.  But I have always been curious when I see pics of people fishing with baitcasters or all those tournament anglers out…

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The Power Of Success. Hunting and Fishing With Kids

If you have taken a child hunting or fishing, you know how quickly they will get bored.  Heck, that’s the case with any activity and kids.  But when we are trying to instill the passion for the outdoors with our children, the easiest way to have a successful outing. For this Father’s Day, I had something happen that was very rare…

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