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If You Had To Start All Over??

Our good friend Dan over at In Search of Whitetails is having a little contest and it really has me thinking. If I lost all my hunting gear except my bow, what would I buy so I could get in the woods right away? Oh ya, I only have $200 to spend. Alright I guess we need to figure things…

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Who Are Average Hunters?

    The term Average Hunter seems to get used a lot.  As it should, it really doesn’t have a true definition.  So what or who are Average Hunters?  Pretty much we all are, to a point. An Average Hunter could be that young kid down the street or his great grandfather.  We all have factors that put us in…

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As Seen On TV – Hunting Shows

As I sit and find myself watching the outdoor channels, I find myself typing. Is it just me or are some of the Average Hunters out there losing interest in the big hunting TV shows out there. It seems like everyone I talk to “say” they don’t watch that stuff anymore. Why is that? Are these shows not fun anymore…

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