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The Religion of Hunting

“Would you shoot a 180″ 3 year buck?  You would!!!  Well that is just wrong and you are going to ruin hunting.”  That just sounds silly to me, but the sad thing is, conversations just like that go on every day all over the web. Why would someone say something like that?  Well I think one part of it is…

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It’s Not The Lure You Use, It’s How You Wiggle Your Worm!!

Times are changing, deer herds are shrinking and growing all over.  What are they doing in your area?  Many feel that the herd is shrinking but maybe its just the deer getting smarter.  How do you know?  Do you have a trail cam, no, well you should.  I am not going to tell you that you need this brand or…

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If You Had To Start All Over??

Our good friend Dan over at In Search of Whitetails is having a little contest and it really has me thinking. If I lost all my hunting gear except my bow, what would I buy so I could get in the woods right away? Oh ya, I only have $200 to spend. Alright I guess we need to figure things…

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Who Are Average Hunters?

    The term Average Hunter seems to get used a lot.  As it should, it really doesn’t have a true definition.  So what or who are Average Hunters?  Pretty much we all are, to a point. An Average Hunter could be that young kid down the street or his great grandfather.  We all have factors that put us in…

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As Seen On TV – Hunting Shows

As I sit and find myself watching the outdoor channels, I find myself typing. Is it just me or are some of the Average Hunters out there losing interest in the big hunting TV shows out there. It seems like everyone I talk to “say” they don’t watch that stuff anymore. Why is that? Are these shows not fun anymore…

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