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treatment for poison ivy in the field

Poison Ivy Treatment in the Field

Tis the season we love being out in the woods with the weather still not too hot, some hunting going on or just going out for a hike or run.  But this is also the season for all kinds of itchy weeds that are laying low just waiting for us to walk by. Poison Ivy is probably the most common…

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Helicoptering Parents in the Outdoors

If you’re a parent then you have probably heard the term “Helicoptering Parent” or “Hovering Parent” before.  For the ones that haven’t heard of that before, it basically describes parents that are extremely over protective of their children.  It could be that they don’t let their kids ride their bike around the block or as far as not letting their…

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Average Hunter Is Back!!

So, if you have followed me over the years, you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s going on here with bringing back the old site?”.  Well, not much really.  I just decided that I missed writing and I wasn’t getting much or any of that done at Average Outdoorsman.  All the free time I had been spent just keeping Average Outdoorsman running,…

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When Priorities Overrule Passion

When I started Average Hunter, I got definitions from many people with what they thought it meant.  There was only one answer that was correct.  It was all of them.  Average Hunter does have many different meanings to everyone.  But in my mind it all boils down to one word, “Priority”.  To most of us, the outdoors is not our…

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The Great Marshmallow Debate: Toasted or Burned

My cameraman (my 8 year old son) and I were spending the day out at our happy place and decided to end the day with some marshmallows over the fire.  With the discussion we have been having on Twitter about what the best mallow is, toasted or burned, we decided to make a video and show you the RIGHT way.

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Description Of A Kaleidoscope

While listening to a recent Joe Rogan podcast, he was discussing one of his usual topics about the legalization of marijuana and other items. During the conversation with his guest he made a comment that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. Rogan stated, “That’s like a blind person trying to describe a kaleidoscope.” When I heard…

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The Religion of Hunting

“Would you shoot a 180″ 3 year buck?  You would!!!  Well that is just wrong and you are going to ruin hunting.”  That just sounds silly to me, but the sad thing is, conversations just like that go on every day all over the web. Why would someone say something like that?  Well I think one part of it is…

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Salt Life