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arrow sizing cutting how to

Cutting arrows at home without a saw

  Have you ever tried cutting arrows yourself but didn’t have a way to make a clean square cut? Sizing arrows, especially carbon arrows, has always been something that the average archer was forced to go to an archery shop to have done.  Who wants uneven cuts on your arrow anyway and using a bigger saw or most other saws we would…

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How To Prepare Your compound bow for storage

Prepare Your Compound Bow For Storage and Maintenance

The bow season is over and what should you do with your bow? Preparation for compound bow maintenance and storage is key to a successful hunt and also keeping your bow shooting straight for years to come.  How you store it and where you store it is also key.  You can ruin a bow easily just from where you keep…

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Parts for a custom longbow

Building a Custom Takedown Longbow

Years ago while looking around for a new bow, I realized that I was never going to spend the money they were going for.  Those prices were cheap compared to today.  So thats when I decided that it was time to go traditional and even start making my own bows.  After spending a ton of time online reading and watching…

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boy shooting crossbow

Whats the real complaints with crossbows?

What’s the big deal with Crossbows? Do they allow a hunter to take a 200 yard shot? Can you shoot a bolt (crossbow arrow) into a mountain side like in the movies? Can they really do any of that stuff we have all come know from watching all the 007 movies? I am no expert, but from what I understand,…

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2014 Best Bows Of The ATA

Giving You This Average Hunter’s Best Bows Of The ATA 2014 I had the recent pleasure of attending the 2014 Archery Trade Association Show (ATA) in Nashville this past week which housed pretty much all the new archery and hunting items to hit the market this year.  This is the show where all the hunting manufacturers are trying to show…

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bowhunter hunting bow

So You Want To Buy A New Hunting Bow?

I hear you are looking for a hunting bow?  Congrats.  Its a big decision, important decision and if done right, will be one of the best decisions you have made.  But it’s a lot of work and will be well worth it when you’re done. This is a question that comes up all the time.  Everyone wants to know what…

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You Want To Shoot A WHAT??

With my kids playing sports, reading a book, making crafts or turning a wrench.  If they enjoy it and it will help them learn skills, coordination and develop socially, then I will support them.  When raising my children I tend to let them make their own decisions on what they want to do as activities.  Well, to a point. If…

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