Build Your Own Scent Eliminating Ozone Container – Cheap

build a ozone tote for hunting clothes

Have you seen those containers or bags that with help of a scent eliminating ozone-generating air purifier, will essentially clean your hunting cloths of all the odor-causing bacteria? Have you thought how great it would be to have one of those ozone containers and how much time it would save you? Then I assume you have seen the price tag and thought is it worth it. Well, now you can. Here’s how you can build your own ozone generating scent destroying box to store all your hunting gear for a fraction of the cost of what you’ll find at stores like Cabelas.

Building your own scent eliminating ozone containers couldn’t be any easier. All it takes is finding the ozone generator you like on Amazon and then mounting it to your favorite container. I’ve given you many options at the end of the article for ozone generators and you can head down to your local store to pick up a tub of your choosing. Your options for a tub are endless as you can see with the pics in this article of tubs that were done by fans of my friends at Midwest Whitetails on Instagram.
adding an ozone generator to a container

Image provide by Midwest Whitetails

The Build

Installing your ozone generator on your tote can be done in many ways.  It really depends on what machine you actually get. The best case is to use the mounting slots that are normally on the backside of the generator housing and hang the unit on your container. I would personally use a combination of using the hanging slots and peel and stick Velcro at the bottom of the generator to keep it from bouncing around.

Once you’ve gotten the unit mounted on your container, now all you have to do it drill a hole for the hose to go inside the container. When you pull your hose into the container, you will want to place the end of the hose in the ideal place to be the most effective. For me, common sense says that if you keep it on one end, then that side will benefit the most. So for my containers, I prefer to secure the hose end in the middle of the container so the purifying ozone air is entering the container in the middle and equally distributed over all my gear.

build a ozone tote for your hunting clothes

Image provide by Midwest Whitetails


Here’s a tip or two that I think is pretty important. Use a rigid pipe like PVC or something to run your hose through at the bottom of your container. This will prevent the hose from being pinched by heavier items like your boots and essentially not letting your scent eliminating ozone generator to do its job. ALSO, don’t pack your container too full.  This won’t let the cleaned air move through your gear killing all the bad odors. 


So why spend $250-$300 on an ozone tote when you can very easily make your own with pretty much the same items for as low as $50.  At that price, you can make a few different ones and never have to worry about if you have all your gear in one container. Plus as I mentioned in the tips, you can pack them loosely and get a better performance out of your ozone generator.
Here are a few ozone generators that will work great for your Scent Eliminating Ozone Container.  These are just some I found on Amazon. Read the descriptions and the reviews and pick one out that you think will work the best. When you’re done making your new ozone tote, send a picture to my friends at Midwest Whitetails and tell them what you think.


scent eliminating hunting tub

All prices shown are what they were on Amazon the day this article was written. Prices may change.


What’s New with Ozone Generators?

Update Sept 2020 – Since writing this article, we have helped a ton of hunters build their own ozone tote and getting a ton of great feedback. But since publishing this article, the ozone industry has changed a ton.
There used to be just a couple of companies that you could choose from and they were the reason we started building our own.  Talk about expensive.  But now, many more companies have joined the ozone game and we have a lot more options as far as the ozone generators.  Honestly, with the development of throw and go battery-operated generators, building a tote like in this article really isn’t needed.  But I do see drawbacks to using this type of generator. I’ll go into more detail in my followup article Upgrading the Ozone Tote, Average Hunter Style.

upgrading ozone generatorCheck out this article on some extra mods I did to my ozone tote

Upgrading the Ozone Tote, Average Hunter Style






  • Upgrading the Ozone Tote, Average Hunter Style ~ September 25, 2017 at 12:47 pm

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  • Anthony February 5, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    Great Idea, sadly if you do this and leave the system on to long ( longer than a few hours) anything in the box will begin to turn to and / or produce Trimethyl and Benzine (extreamly toxic!). The proper way to treat things in the box is to treat at high concentration as quickly as possible! Sadly, these Ozone generators just can’t do that!

    Still, keep working toward a solution for your personal needs! I’d suggest 20k ppm or more on your O3 unit to prevent Toxins and to get a proper shock to kill odors!

    • Matt Staser February 6, 2019 at 8:03 am

      Thanks for the information Anthony. Most of these generators have a timer on them with a max run time of 30 minutes. But that doesn’t stop someone from going back and hitting the button several times. Your info is good to know.

    • Sandra February 16, 2020 at 7:53 pm

      Any idea how much ozone and how long to kill off mold? I have a lot of lightly moldy stuff and I’m allergic to it. Or where to find out? Thanks!

  • Animal Sound Mp3 December 16, 2019 at 8:47 pm

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  • Bow hunter October 31, 2023 at 4:24 am

    Sure would be nice if you do a video on instructions how to build something actually putting pictures of materials needed and pictures showing your DIY assembly steps by attaching pictures. This is just a picture of the end of your finished product not at all instructions on how to build.


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