What’s the best hunting camo? Take your pick

best hunting camo


We all have our favorite camo and have our opinions on the best hunting camo, but have you seen them all? 

Did you know that there are a bunch of camo makers on the market today? There’s a lot that I am sure you have never seen and wished you would have.  The variety of designs is staggering and they all will work in my opinion. So how do you decide?  That’s up to you.

For me, I like something different. The trees and leaves are great and they do the trick, but I just want something different. I’m not going to mention my favorites on here, but you should have the idea already what I like.  Everyone has different tastes in any clothing. The same goes for camo. You’re either a traditionalist and stick with the basics or you’re like me and tend to sway towards the cool factor. Neither is wrong, it’s up to you.

Below you will find every camo designer I could find. You’d be surprised how many on this list don’t show up on Google when searching “hunting camo”.  That’s a hint to all you camo makers out there. Make sure your websites get found. What you see below is just the companies with one sample of their patterns. Most of them have several designs to choose from for all terrains.  So when picking out your camo for the hunt, most of them will have options for in the trees, in the rocks, in the weeds or even on the water.  

Take a look at this list, visit the websites and check out all the designs. Then tell me what your favorite is in the comments. 

There’s no order to this list. 

Realtree Mossy OakKryptekSitka
 King’s Camo Rocky VenatorGo Wild Camo KUIU
Predator Camo First Lite True Timber Lost Camo
 Oilfield Camo Gortex Optifade Elusion Camo Monster Camo
6421263531_a5605bca9f_b10994319_804000989647990_5807105995307328540_n12088331_1682980201946970_4720310947430508749_nCOLORS IN PALETTE: 15^
Cedar Creek CamoEnigma Camo Treezyn Moonshine Camo
Clear Image Camo Longleaf Camo Zero-Detect Veil Camo
Broadside Camo Next Camo Sixsite PNUMA
Satskin Camo Feather Flage ASAT Camo Ruffed Outdoors
Hyperstalth Tiger Stripe Camo Aqua Designs Stōn camouflage
Boneyard God’s Country Camo M2D Ultimate Camo
113883158514370119_1298774880141126_7602413046645748162_nBex hunting apparel. (Photos by Travis J. Garner 2016)8096864465_9107264846_o
Skyline Camo Badlands Approach Bex Camo Natural Gear
Prym1 camo Onca Gear Plythal Desolve Camouflage


If I’m missing someone, let me know and I will add them. 

updated 12/12/16, added pattern

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