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fishing for brown trout illinois

Chasing Legends – Brown Trout in Northern Illinois

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand” Neil Armstrong By Justin James: In my neck of the woods, there is a myth that ranks up there with Bigfoot or the Holy Grail. I’ve always heard of someone’s uncle catching brown trout from some mythical and little-known stream in northern Illinois. So I started doing…

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cut carbon arrows

Different Methods on How to Cut Carbon Arrows at Home

Wondering why anyone would cut their own carbon arrows? I mean, what do you get from all that effort, money, and time you could be spending for other things, right? Well, carbon arrows are great for hunting and being able to customize your own definitely feels good and helps improve your shooting skills! While it is not the most convenient,…

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Upgrading Your AR15

Choosing & Upgrading Your AR15

The magazine-fed, gas-powered AR-15 is one of the most popular models of semi-automatic rifles on the planet. Introduced in 1964, it was the semi-automatic version of the military’s M-16-and Colt did something right with this versatile rifle. The AR-15 is lightweight, easy to shoot and accurate. Today, there is quite simply too many versions and modifications out there, but with…

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best deer hunting bullets

Top 7 Deer Hunting Bullet Types – Get the Extraordinary Bullets

Do you know that what are the best deer hunting bullet types that can give you the perfect results? Probably, you are finding the ones that could let you get the 100% outcomes of deer hunting? So, here you are going to get the outstanding information about the deer hunting bullets. A huge number of companies yielding the hunting bullets…

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Proper size of bow

7 Powerful Archery Tips For Better Accuracy (And A Successful Hunt)

If you want to excel in the archery world, then you MUST work on your accuracy. Fact. These 7 archery tips will get you on your way to a successful shot. It doesn’t matter what you use archery for (whether it bowhunting, self-defense, or competitions); if you can’t draw that bowstring and release a successful shot, you have to do something. So,…

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shooting a recurve longbow

Keep Shooting During the Offseason

It seems like nearly everyone in the U.S. has their television turned on the first Sunday afternoon of February. Arguably, there isn’t a greater sporting event to watch than the Super Bowl. But, just as great of a day Super Bowl Sunday is, the next day is somewhat solemn as the realization that football season is over sinks in. You…

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turkey hunting guide techniques soupimg

Turkeys And The Need For A Turkey Hunting Guide

The truth of the matter is that there is not always a winner in the sport of turkey hunting. Winning typically happens when a turkey is captured for show or killed for dinner. Very often in the game, hunters must wait hours for the turkey to appear, making patience one of the biggest assets required. They will continue making a…

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