As Seen On TV – Hunting Shows

As I sit and find myself watching the outdoor channels, I find myself typing.
Is it just me or are some of the Average Hunters out there losing interest in the big hunting TV shows out there. It seems like everyone I talk to “say” they don’t watch that stuff anymore. Why is that? Are these shows not fun anymore or do they not provide educational information?

Well I think its because we can’t trust the information we are given on these shows and can’t trust that the TV Hunter actually knows what they are talking about. Personally I can’t watch most of these shows because of these problems. Don’t get me wrong, I will flop down in my chair and turn on one of the outdoor channels and see what’s on. But sadly, most of the shows on TV don’t get watched by me. If I do watch a show, I find myself scrolling thru the channel list checking to see if something is on the Discovery or History Channel. So what is a quality show and whats not? This is just my opinion but I know its the same with many others. We want hunters on the show that have proven themselves. I don’t want to watch some guy that is only on TV because he owns some company that’s in the industry. I can’t count how many shows are like this on TV now. Some guy invents some product or owns some company that just happens to work in the hunting industry. They go on shows pimping their product and are obviously clueless when it comes to actually hunting. A few years later, they have their own TV show and people think they are “Pro” hunters because they act like it on TV. Act is a key word here. I feel that a lot of Hunters on these shows are just actors. But, I like watching real actors and other celebrities on these shows. They are there and just having fun with the opportunity they have. I relate more to the singer or movie star that is a guest on these shows then I do with the actual host. Those real celebs have busy lives and are grateful for the moment they get to spend in the woods and are trying to enjoy every second of it. I think that’s why shows like Jimmy Big Time are as popular as it is. They are there to have fun and poke fun at every other show in the process. The sad thing is, I believe a lot of things that Jimmy Big Time does on the show actually does happen. Kinda like a video that went around of a professional fisherman that was doing a hunting show. The problem was, he was in a treestand in a fenced in 1 acre lot with a Booner buck in there. The deer was obviously drugged and there were guys outside the fence pushing the deer around. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen and it ruined me with TV hunting. Since then when I do watch these shows, I spend more time laughing at the actor in the treestand. I don’t want to watch someone hunt at some managed lodge. I don’t want to see the deer being shot and then a the shot happen two hours later with the camera man on the ground looking up at him. And please, please, please we don’t want to watch your fake crying and sobbing after you shot that deer. I like the Kisky’s and the Freaks out there that hunt their ground and bust their butts all year long to make their own ground work. I like shows like Winkelman that focus more on education then the kill. I want to trust the info I am getting and trust the one giving it, that’s all I ask.

Give me a minute folks!!!