Ameripack, Explorer Rifle Case Review

Americase Explorer Rifle Case


As hunters or weekend target shooters, usually the most important investment we will make is in our firearms.  But most of the time, we don’t focus on the most important part and that’s protecting our investment properly.  Either heading down the road to the range or hopping on a plane for that long awaited hunt, a quality rifle case is vital to protecting our prized tools of the trade.

Explorer Rifle Case

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I received the Explorer 9413 Rifle Case from Ameripack and the first thing I noticed was the weight and construction.  This rifle case is build to take a beating.  At just over 15 lbs empty, its not the lightest case in the world, but I have held heavier.  In this case, I don’t think its all that heavy for what it is and for what I will be putting it it.  I asked Ameripak for a shorter case that I can use for more than just putting my long guns into.  When I head out for a day on the range with my kids, we like to shoot pistols and I also wanted a case small enough that I could carry around in my Jeep.  They had the perfect option for me with the Explorer 9413 Rifle Case.


Explorer Rifle Case

The case fits great in the back seat of the Jeep

Some of the common problems cases like this run into is the latches popping loose.  I did not find that issue with this one.  With the case unloaded, I did toss it around a bit.  I did a standard 6 foot drop on concrete and even an Olympic style hammer throw off a tree.  The case stayed latched and completely intact.  As for the contents inside, like I said it was empty.  I wasn’t about to throw a case around with any of my guns in it.

The Explorer 9413 Rifle Case is a welcome addition to my gear and will take many trips with me into the field and maybe by plane someday.  It will take any abuse the luggage handlers will throw at it it.

You can find the Explorer 9413 Rifle Case and many more similar cases at  They offer a full line of hard cases for all your gear for any situation.




  • bailey connors October 16, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    How much would one of these cases cost on average?

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