Mojo Sportswear Vented Wireman Review

Enjoying the outdoors in comfort and protecting yourself from the elements at the same time is something we should all try to focus on.  Of everything out there that can hurt us, nothing does more damage than the sun.  Mojo Sportswear Company produces apparel that is intended to let you enjoy the hot summer days and still stay protected… Read more »

  • the tru kers friend featured

    Reviewing The Trucker’s Friend

      When I leave my house either heading to the field, going to work or going on a trip, I always like to be prepared for whatever life feels like it needs to throw at me that day.  If you look thru my truck, you will find supplies to help manage pretty much most situations…. Read more »

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  • Parts for a custom longbow

    Building a Custom Takedown Longbow

    Years ago while looking around for a new bow, I realized that I was never going to spend the money they were going for.  Those prices were cheap compared to today.  So thats when I decided that it was time to go traditional and even start making my own bows.  After spending a ton of… Read more »

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  • bowfishing asian carp illinois river 1

    The Power Of Success. Hunting and Fishing With Kids

    If you have taken a child hunting or fishing, you know how quickly they will get bored.  Heck, that’s the case with any activity and kids.  But when we are trying to instill the passion for the outdoors with our children, the easiest way to have successful outing. For this Father’s Day, I had something happen… Read more »

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  • Outdoors Products Canyon Weather Defense Backpack Review

    Outdoor Products Canyon Weather Defense Backpack Review

    Going out for a long hunt or a 10 mile hike, the one thing we always need to a reliable and comfortable pack to carry our supplies in.  Outdoor Products offers a wide variety of packs for everyone’s needs.  I wanted something that could hold a lot of gear, be comfortable all day and also… Read more »

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  • trail running

    Off Season Training. Where To Start?

    As hunters, we all realize that it takes training and preparation to make a successful hunt.  The same goes for pretty much all of the outdoors.  So where do we start and how far do we take it? I will never tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t do.  As every “average hunter” out there lives… Read more »

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  • treatment for poison ivy in the field

    Poison Ivy Treatment in the Field

    Tis the season we love being out in the woods with the weather still not too hot, some hunting going on or just going out for a hike or run.  But this is also the season for all kinds of itchy weeds that are laying low just waiting for us to walk by. Poison Ivy… Read more »

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  • Helicoptering Parents in the Outdoors

    If you’re a parent then you have probably heard the term “Helicoptering Parent” or “Hovering Parent” before.  For the ones that haven’t heard of that before, it basically describes parents that are extremely over protective of their children.  It could be that they don’t let their kids ride their bike around the block or as… Read more »

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  • average_hunter_header2

    Average Hunter Is Back!!

    So, if you have followed me over the years, you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s going on here with bringing back the old site?”.  Well, not much really.  I just decided that I missed writing and I wasn’t getting much or any of that done at Average Outdoorsman.  All the free time I had been spent… Read more »

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  • heated gloves heated insoles

    Flambeau Outdoors Heated Gloves and Hot Feet Insoles Review

    Cold hands and cold feet has to be the biggest issue all outdoorsmen have when venturing into the outdoors during the winter months.  Flambeau Outdoors has come out with some battery operated gear that will solve the problems we have with the cold.  Flambeau Outdoors introduces the Heated Gloves Kit and the Hot Feet Heated Insoles…. Read more »

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  • boy shooting crossbow

    Whats the real complaints with crossbows?

    What’s the big deal with Crossbows? Do they allow a hunter to take a 200 yard shot? Can you shoot a bolt (crossbow arrow) into a mountain side like in the movies? Can they really do any of that stuff we have all come know from watching all the 007 movies? I am no expert,… Read more »

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